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Roxanne Quimby

Quimby adds more Maine land to her holdings

ELLIOTSVILLE TOWNSHIP | Environmentalist and conservationist Roxanne Quimby has added to her land holdings with the purchase of 965 acres of forestland that includes Little and Big Wilson Streams in Elliotsville Township. The recent acquisition brings Quimby’s land holdings to just over 100,000 acres in the state, most of …
Roxanne Quimby

Katahdin mills CEO: We don’t support Quimby’s national park plan

Great Northern Paper Co. LLC does not support environmentalist Roxanne Quimby’s proposed 70,000-acre national park, company leaders announced Thursday. Seeking to remove what they felt was ambiguity from Great Northern Paper President Peter Hanson’s statements Tuesday at a Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce dinner, Great Northern CEO Richard Cyr and …
Roxanne Quimby

Poll: 60% of Mainers support national park feasibility study

An independent poll conducted by a Portland research firm shows that 60 percent of Mainers statewide support a National Parks Service feasibility study of Roxanne Quimby’s proposed national park. The Critical Insights poll, which covered many topics, was done in October. The Friends of the Maine Woods mentioned the poll …
Roxanne Quimby

Quimby on Maine: A ‘sincere apology’

Editor’s note: In Tuesday’s Letters to the editor, Roxanne Quimby apologizes for her comments about Maine in a recent article in Forbes magazine. I would like to convey my heartfelt and very sincere apology to BDN readers and the residents of Maine for the unkind remarks expressed toward them in my …
Roxanne Quimby

Quimby adds more than 11,000 acres to land holdings

Conservationist Roxanne Quimby has purchased another 11,000 acres east of Baxter State Park, expanding her already-sizable land holdings in the Katahdin region and potentially adding another wrinkle to the debate over her national park plan. Quimby’s nonprofit land conservation foundation, Elliotsville Plantation Inc., announced Wednesday that Quimby had bought 11,291 …
Roxanne Quimby

Quimby buys 8,315 acres, including ‘impressive’ snowmobile trail

TOWNSHIP 4, RANGE 8, Maine ― Roxanne Quimby’s land company is acquiring another 8,315 acres adjoining Baxter State Park, officials said Monday. The Forestland Group of Chapel Hill, N.C., previously owned the property, which is in Township 4, Range 8 of Penobscot County. It comprises 6,467 acres west of the …
Roxanne Quimby

Medway group no longer pushing for Quimby park feasibility study

One of the first groups formed to investigate environmentalist Roxanne Quimby’s 70,000-acre national park proposal is benching itself because of disagreement with her over the direction of the park effort, a founding member said Monday. The National Park Regional Citizen Evaluation Committee “will become inactive” and “will …
Roxanne Quimby

Quimby’s idea for a national park gathering momentum, supporters say

MEDWAY | A citizens committee formed to investigate the feasibility of Roxanne Quimby’s proposal to give to the National Park Service 70,000 acres she owns adjacent to Baxter State Park announced Wednesday that 16 groups support having the park service study the proposal’s feasibility. George McLaughlin, co-chairman of the …
Roxanne Quimby

Millinocket leaders criticize Quimby, propose alternative regional study

Town leaders had harsh words for Roxanne Quimby on Thursday and approved pursuing, with U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe, an economic development assessment of the Katahdin region that could counter a feasibility study of Quimby’s proposed national park. The new proposal arose from a discussion in August by …
Roxanne Quimby

If not a national park, then what?

Local landowners don’t favor a national park in the Katahdin region. Neither do many local officials or members of the congressional delegation who represent the Millinocket area. All of this support is needed for Roxanne Quimby’s land-holdings company, Elliotsville Plantation Inc., to create a potential national park and recreation area …
Roxanne Quimby

Feds decline to pursue study of Quimby national park proposal

The National Park Service has no plans to study environmentalist Roxanne Quimby’s proposal for a North Woods national park next year, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Wednesday. Answering a long statement from U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, during an Appropriations Subcommittee hearing in Washington on his department’s 2013 budget, Salazar …
Roxanne Quimby

Group pressing National Park Service for all communications with Quimby

Whenever millionaire environmentalist Roxanne Quimby has said her proposed North Maine Woods national park wouldn’t grow any larger than 70,000 acres, Andy Young didn’t believe her. That’s why the 48-year-old Lincolnville general contractor joined Preserve Maine Traditions, an anti-national park group formed last November. It filed U.S. Freedom of Information …
Roxanne Quimby

40,000 acres of Quimby land opened to hunting; access plan targets other areas

BANGOR | Ever since millionaire preservationist Roxanne Quimby began buying huge chunks of Maine forestland more than a decade ago, recreational users of that land have struggled with the new reality: Their former quasi-public playground was largely closed for business. On Monday, Elliotsville Plantation Inc., the company that oversees …
Roxanne Quimby

Great Northern Paper union opposes Quimby park plan

EAST MILLINOCKET | One of the larger unions at the new Great Northern Paper Co. mill has joined the group of forest products industry members opposing environmentalist Roxanne Quimby’s proposed 70,000-acre national park. Stu Kallgren of Enfield, a pulper-operator at the mill, said he and other United Steelworkers Local …

Roxanne Quimby to speak at conference

BELFAST – Maine Businesses for Social Responsibility will host its third annual fall conference Friday, Oct. 1. Roxanne Quimby, founder of Burt’s Bees, and Michael Shuman, author of “Going Local,” will be speakers. Workshops and topics will include alternatives to big-box stores and how to make e-marketing affordable. Those who …
Roxanne Quimby

Quimby’s son to Penobscot commissioners: Don’t judge park before talking with us

BANGOR | Roxanne Quimby’s son is asking the Penobscot County commissioners to delay a planned decision Tuesday whether to support or oppose Quimby’s proposed 70,000-acre national park. Lucas St. Clair wrote in a letter dated Sunday to the commission that officials from Elliotsville Plantation Inc., the nonprofit foundation he …
Roxanne Quimby (left)

Quimby’s Greenwood Pond proposal delayed

Representatives of conservation philanthropist Roxanne Quimby have asked for more time before they present a proposal to the Willimantic Planning Board for a 14- to 15-lot …
Roxanne Quimby

Committee formed to fight Quimby’s national park

MILLINOCKET | Seven northern Penobscot County residents, including county Commissioner Steve Stanley of Medway, will form a committee charged with opposing Roxanne Quimby’s proposed 70,000-acre national park, officials said Friday. The Coordination Work Group consists of residents of the unincorporated areas and county towns. Members are Stanley, Terry Hill …
Lucas St. Clair

Quimby’s son: ‘No specific plan’ in place after park plan dropped

Roxanne Quimby’s son cannot speak of his family’s specific plans for her land because, he says, there aren’t any. Speaking late Tuesday night, Lucas St. Clair said that there’s one point he is sure of: Quimby’s proposal to help create a 70,000-acre national park by 2016, with another 30,000-acre multiuse …

Questions answered about Roxanne Quimby and me

I have really enjoyed collaborating with Lucas and his team. They even spent an evening in my Mount Vernon dining room, maps spread out on the table.