FRANKFORT, Maine – A local maid service is offering its clients a way to go green while they clean.

Maine Maid to Clean owner Julie Watkins has added a green cleaning service to her Frankfort-based business, which serves more than a dozen towns in Waldo, Penobscot and Hancock counties.

“I have pets and I was thinking about how we mop the floor with bleach and water and then the dog will come along and lick the floor,” Watkins said.

In response, she has added the newly released Clorox Green Works products to her line of grime-fighting cleaners, including bathroom, glass and all-purpose products.

“It helps the environment and is less hazardous for people and pets,” she said.

Some of the main ingredients in these include corn- and coconut-based products, lemon oil and citric acid — all natural.

There is no price difference for the green clean service, she said. If they want, customers can combine the green clean method with traditional cleaning products.

“They may be skeptics like I was,” Watkins said. “People who like clean think nothing is going to get it as clean as the traditional thing.”

Watkins has been in the cleaning business in Frankfort since 1999 and admitted that she’ s a diehard bleach user and was doubtful that an all-natural product would work as well.

“I was actually impressed with the products, I really was,” Watkins said.

Although she hasn’ t had any requests for the service, Watkins said she hasn’ t been offering it for very long and most people don’ t know about green cleaning options.

“I think that a lot of people would be interested in it,” she said.

Maine Maid to Clean is located at 7 Treat Point Rd in Frankfort and on the Web at For more information, e-mail