SANGERVILLE, Maine — The town will not have to borrow as much as anticipated later this year for road improvements.

Because of an oversight, $43,400 in Department of Transportation Rural Initiative Funds were not used to reduce taxes as voted by residents at the annual March town meeting. Rather than recommit taxes to include the $43,400, residents voted 20-8 Thursday during a special town meeting to apply the funds to the upcoming $100,000 loan. The loan was approved earlier this year.

As a result of this action, Town Manager Joe Clark said the town will take out a loan of $56,600 within the next month to begin road improvements on the Flanders Hill Road and for other paving projects.

At a regular board meeting held after the special town meeting Thursday, Carr recommended that a committee be appointed to discuss the future of the former Abbie Fowler School. The town, which owns the property, has been renting space in the building but provides the upkeep. He said the building currently needs an overfill protection whistle at a cost of about $1,900.

Carr said the committee will investigate whether the town should sell or keep the building and present its findings to the board. The final fate of the building would be up to residents.