BELFAST, Maine — Three more men have been arrested in connection with a family feud that escalated into a gun, club and knife-wielding brawl in Stockton Springs in July.

Ricky K. Pomeroy Sr., 46, of Belfast, Thadeous E. Macleod, 21, of Stockton Springs and Derek A. Pomeroy, 21, of Stockton Springs were arrested Thursday. Each was charged with felony elevated assault.

Richard Gainer, 23, of Searsport was arrested and charged with elevated aggravated assault on Wednesday.

The arrests stem from a violent altercation between members of the Damon and Pomeroy families. Members of both families have been fighting one another for more than a quarter-century.

During the July 19 fight that occurred on Damon Road, Ricky K. Pomeroy Sr. was stabbed in the back as he fought with Kirt Damon Sr., 44, of Stockton Springs. Damon’s son Adam Damon, 18, of Stockton Springs has admitted stabbing Pomeroy.

Police allege that Damon Sr. was beaten with clubs and repeatedly kicked by Gainer, Macleod and Derek Pomeroy while he grappled on the ground with Pomeroy Sr. Photographs attached to an affidavit filed with the case show the elder Damon’s back covered with bruises.

Pomeroy suffered a slash wound to his back and was taken by helicopter to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor for treatment after the melee. Adam Damon was not charged in connection with the stabbing.

“His dad was getting the stuffing beat out of him with clubs and iron pipes,” Assistant District Attorney Eric Walker said Thursday of his decision not to charge the younger Damon. “Right now I don’t see that happening, being that it was self-defense or coming to the aid of a third party.”

Adam Damon told police he feared for his father’s life after Pomeroy tackled him to the ground and the other three men began striking him with clubs and stomping him.

In the affidavit, Waldo County Sheriff’s Detective Jason Bosco stated that when he interviewed Pomeroy at the hospital he was told that the Pomeroys and Damons were related and that they had been feuding for 25 years.

Pomeroy told Bosco that the July 19 fight stemmed from an altercation in Swanville a few weeks earlier. The Pomeroys were mad at the Damons because Kirt Damon Jr., 19, of Stockton Springs allegedly had beaten and taken $700 from one of them last year. After the Swanville incident, Pomeroy told Bosco, the Damons started calling a family member and telling her they “were going to kill all Pomeroys” and that they “wanted their payback.”

Those who accompanied Pomeroy to the Damons’ property denied that they were armed with clubs, pipes and knives and claimed that the weaponry was produced by the Damons. Those who rushed to Damon Sr.’s aid, as well as some of the witnesses, said the opposite.

Rodney Damon, 27, a cousin of Adam and Kirt Jr., admitted using a shotgun as a club and breaking it over the back of Macleod.

All the participants agreed that the day escalated into a fight after the four Damons went to the Searsport home of Audrey Pomeroy and spoke to Gainer.

While Gainer claimed that Rodney Damon knocked him around and punched holes in the trailer’s door, Adam Damon said Gainer and Rodney just “yelled for a bit” before having a beer together.

Adam Damon told Bosco that he and his brother had been fighting with the Pomeroys for years and that “they would fight one day and be friends the next day.” As they got older, he said, “the fights got worse and they wouldn’t be friends the next day.”

Later that evening, the Damons allegedly received a telephone call from the Pomeroys asking them to meet on Chain Road in Stockton Springs to settle things.

When the Damons never showed up, the Pomeroy group decided to walk over to their place on Damon Lane.

Adam Damon told Bosco he observed a group of men in the yard armed with clubs and woke up his father, who was taking a nap after having consumed some beer earlier that day. Adam said when his father ordered the men off his property, they attacked him. Adam said he observed his father fighting with Pomeroy Sr. and that Gainer, Macleod and Derek Pomeroy joined in.

Adam Damon told Bosco that “he was afraid they were going to kill his dad” and that he grabbed a knife he saw lying on the ground and swung it at Pomeroy. When he saw that Pomeroy was cut, he ran into the house and called the police. The knife used to stab Pomeroy was never recovered.

“Adam said he was afraid that Ricky Sr. was going to die and wanted an ambulance,” Bosco said. “Adam said that if he didn’t help his dad, they would have killed him.”