HOULTON, Maine — The elderly are among the state’s most vulnerable population, and they have unique fears and concerns about what goes on in their community.

With that in mind, the Houlton Police Department is taking steps to provide extra reassurance to the area’s elderly with the launch of a new program.

Houlton police Lt. Daniel Pelletier said Tuesday that the department soon will unveil a TRIAD program in the community.

A TRIAD is a partnership among public safety agencies, community services and senior citizens who work together to reduce the criminal victimization of seniors while also enhancing their safety.

This will be the first TRIAD program in Aroostook County, according to Pelletier, and its creation was suggested by Police Chief Butch Asselin.

“The chief worked with a TRIAD program when he was in Skowhegan, and he felt like it would be a good fit here,” said Pelletier.

At this point, police have heard concerns from senior citizens about such crimes as robbery and burglary, according to the lieutenant, but most of their fears are about smaller issues, he said.

“Some of those fears include going out after dark, becoming victims of fraud or vandalism,” said Pelletier.

He added that the TRIAD program also will help officials assess additional needs and concerns from seniors.

The Police Department will hold a kick-off ceremony to roll out the program to the public beginning at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 24, at The Center for Community Health Education at Houlton Regional Hospital.