BREWER, Maine — City councilors tonight will consider several changes to the fire prevention ordinance that, if approved, will create new rules and regulations for permissible open burning.

New setbacks, backyard fire pit rules and wording to define “nuisance” are included in the proposed ordinance amendments.

The planned setback, suggested by residents, would require 100 feet between a fire and a public way or abutting property line.

The proposed amendment wording would add “public alarm” as another reason for permits to be revoked and would add a definition that states a “nuisance means preventing the enjoyment of one’s property.”

Another planned change would restrict use of outdoor grills or fireplaces to “cooking and preparing food,” and would eliminate the words “recreational purposes.”

“Safety of the burning pit, fireplace or device, shall be judged by the Fire Chief, or his or her authorized designee or agent, based upon their experience and designation in the field,” the proposed ordinance amendment states.

Another proposed change would reduce the permit time frame from up to one year to three days.

New exceptions proposed would allow bonfires, campfires or other types of open burning done by the city or school department in connection with celebrations or events without a permit.

Problems with the opening burning rules were brought before the council in May when Richard Tozier, who lives on Brimmer Street, complained that his neighbor was burning illegal items in a fire pit and the smoke was a nuisance. At that time, councilors said they would review the ordinance.

Councilors will review the changes during tonight’s regu-lar council meeting, which be-gins at 6:30 p.m., and are ex-pected to post the amendment and readdress it at their Octo-ber meeting.