INDIAN ISLAND — Kirk Francis was unopposed in his re-election Saturday as chief of the Penobscot Indian Nation.

Francis received 345 votes during Saturday’s tribal elections, which are held every two years on Indian Island. The newly elected tribal officials will begin their terms Oct. 1.

In a couple of upsets, however, tribal state Rep. Donna Loring and Vice Chief Dennis Pehrson Sr. lost their bids for re-election.

Loring, who served several full and partial two-year terms going back as far as 1997, received 195 votes. Her opponent, Wayne Mitchell, received 233 votes, according to election results released this week.

Pehrson, who received 148 votes, lost his post to Bill Thompson, who received 286 votes.

In tribal council elections, incumbents Chris “Charlie Brown” Francis, Martin Neptune and Ron Bear were re-elected to their four-year positions. Also elected to the council were Andy Sockbeson, Debbie Kondilis and Cheryl Francis. Others who ran were Maulian Dana, Joe “Hugga” Dana, Raymond Chavaree, Jason K. Brown, Donna Decontie Brown and Faye Decontie.

Re-elected to two-year terms on the census committee were Cheryl Kelly and Jean Chavaree. They will be joined by Lee Ann Francis, who also won a committee post. Incumbent Jean Chavaree was unsuccessful in her re-election bid.

In the race for three-year seats on the school board, tribal voters re-elected Jan Paul and David Sapiel Sr., who faced challenges from Winona Nicolar and Lisa Shirland.

Saul Love and Phillip Attean both were re-elected to their two-year land committee positions.