CARIBOU – As predicted, parts of Aroostook County and other parts of the state saw sub-freezing temperatures early Friday morning, with record breaking cold recorded in Caribou.

According to Rich Norton, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Caribou, Caribou broke a previous record of 29 degrees that was set in 1995. On Friday morning, the temperature dipped to 27 degrees.

While that broke a record in Caribou, the city was still not as cold as Allagash, were the temperature fell to 25 degrees.

A freeze warning was in effect Friday morning from the St. John Valley to interior Down East Maine, as meteorologists had predicted that clear skies and light winds would combine with a cold Canadian airmass to force temperatures to plunge to record or near-record territory early Friday.

Temperatures were predicted to be in the low to mid 20s across northern and central parts of the state.

Across coastal Down East Maine, temperatures were expected to plunge into the mid 30s south of the Airline Road, with pockets of freezing or near-freezing temperatures in the region. A frost advisory has been issued for that region.

Norton said that temperatures in Aroostook County ranged from the low of 27 degrees to a high of 28 degrees.

Caribou and Presque Isle both saw temperatures of 27 degrees, while temperatures of 28 degrees were recorded in Eagle Lake, Fort Kent and Van Buren.

In Penobscot County, a low of 28 degrees was recorded in Shin Pond, while Grindstone, Old Town and Patten all saw temperatures of 29 degrees. It was 32 degrees in Bangor, according to the NWS.

In Piscataquis County, temperatures at Sebec Lake were measured at 27 degrees, while it was 30 degrees at Blanchard. The highest temperature – 34 degrees – was recorded in Greenville.

In Washington County, it was 28 degrees in Danforth and 35 degrees in Cutler. Machias and Whiting recorded temperatures of 29 degrees, while a high of 36 degrees was recorded in Eastport.

Bar Harbor, in Hancock County, also saw a temperature of 36 degrees, as did Bass Harbor. It was 38 degrees in Acadia National Park and 41 degrees in Stonington.

Norton said that temperatures are predicted to warm slightly over the next few days before another dip in temperatures next week