BANGOR, Maine — A woman who last month allegedly tried to set fire to her boyfriend’s car using alcohol-based hand sanitizer was indicted Monday by a Penobscot County grand jury.

Eliza Thornley, 21, a transient, was charged with Class A arson, aggravated criminal mischief and criminal mischief.

Assistant District Attorney Greg Campbell said the charge was warranted particularly because the situation in early August could have been much worse.

“She apparently was upset at a guy, so she took a bottle of hand sanitizer, which has alcohol, put it on his car and then lit a match,” Campbell said. “The car burned near the wheel-well in the rear, but it was right near the gas tank, so it could have been much more dangerous. Someone could have been hurt.”

Also indicted Monday was Todd Ingalls, 32, of Bangor on three counts of felony assault related to an incident last month.

According to Assistant District Attorney Alice Clifford, Ingalls was at a local nightspot with his girlfriend recently when he became upset with her for socializing with someone else. Clifford said the man started pushing the woman around and when other people at the club intervened, Ingalls allegedly assaulted them as well.

His charges were upgraded to felonies because he has at least two prior assault convictions, Clifford said.