ROCKLAND, Maine — Advocates for “green jobs” plan to hold a potluck supper and work session at 5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 27, at the home of Lizzie Dickerson and Guy Polyblank, 260 West Meadow Road.

Guests are invited to take a dish containing one or more local ingredients and be prepared to get to work on creating green jobs.

“We can’t wait for our leaders to make change happen. We’ve got to take the initiative to make the leaders follow the people,” said the hosts in a press release.

The Green Jobs Now Day of Action is a nonprofit, nonpartisan initiative of Green For All, 1 Sky, and the We Campaign. Sept. 27 will be a nationwide day of action to show Congress, the next president, and the nation that “we want an inclusive green economy, strong enough to lift people out of poverty and solve the climate crisis,” the hosts said. “We will sign a petition that sends the message to our leaders that we are ready for the new green economy.”

A green economy includes any work that can be identified as helping people to conserve, explore alternative technology, and to practice sustainability, according to the press release.

“We will approach the green economy from two views: short-term needs, such as helping our friends and neighbors to weatherize and prepare for the hard winter ahead; and long-term goals, such as how the larger green economy could bring energy and technology jobs to Rockland.”

Bring your ideas, and be ready for some great food and some great action, said the hosts. Call for directions at 596-0028.

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