BANGOR, Maine — Amid the many names to consider on the ballot for Bangor voters, from national and state on down, residents also will consider a referendum that would overturn a left-turn ban to and from a busy city street.

The question reads: “Shall the City Council of the City of Bangor adopt the following ordinance, which would repeal the left turn restrictions from State Street to Howard Street and from Howard Street to State Street?”

The referendum then explains how the ordinance would be written.

Howard Street, which many drivers had been using as a through way to and from the Bangor Mall area, runs between State Street in front of Eastern Maine Medical Center and Stillwater Avenue. It crosses Garland Street, where one of the city’s middle schools is located. It also intersects Mount Hope Avenue.

City officials agreed to try the left-turn ban last year in an effort to reduce the volume and speed of traffic on the street. After a six-month trial period that ended last October, councilors voted 7-2 to make it permanent.

Not everyone was happy about it.

Many residents appealed to the city to overturn the ban. In May, an eight-member council split on a proposal when a majority was needed. The City Council then voted in August to send the matter to a referendum after an estimated 2,600 signatures were gathered.

Bangor voters also will choose three city councilors from the following six candidates: Rick Bronson, Paul Dubay, David Nealley, Gerry Palmer, Andrew Sturgeon and Roberto Zavaleta.

Christine Szal, Phyllis Guerrette and Warren Caruso are running unopposed for three open seats on the Bangor School Committee.