GOULDSBORO, Maine — Police in two counties are on the lookout for a Steuben man who ran from police and eluded capture when officers from multiple law enforcement agencies searched for him Tuesday night in the local village of Corea.

Police in Washington County had been looking for Brian Stanwood Jr., 22, because he allegedly has not paid fines that stem from a felony burglary conviction, Lt. Travis Willey of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department said Wednesday. According to a clerk in Washington County Superior Court, Stanwood owes a total of at least $2,000 in fines stemming from multiple convictions in Washington County.

Deputies with the Washington County Sheriff’s Department had issued a bulletin for Stanwood on Tuesday when Sgt. Jim Malloy of the Gouldsboro Police Department came across a vehicle that matched the one police were looking for. Malloy said Wednesday that he located a truck driven by Stanwood at Young’s Market on Route 1 at about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Malloy pulled Stanwood over, but after initially stopping and talking to Malloy, Stanwood took off in the truck, prompting a chase and subsequent search that lasted until midnight.

Malloy said he chased Stanwood south on Route 195 to the local village of Corea, about 10 miles away, but that Stanwood was able to turn onto a side road and vanish. He said he was assisted by officers from Maine State Police, Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, and Maine Warden Service in hunting for Stanwood.

“We searched for him for about two and a half hours,” Malloy said. “He knows we’re looking for him.”

Police have not found the truck Stanwood was driving, Malloy said.

Willey said that by running away from police, Stanwood is making his situation worse. He said Stanwood has an extensive history with police in both Hancock and Washington counties.

“Eluding an officer is a felony,” Willey said. “It’s just a matter of time [before he gets caught].”

Anyone with information about Stanwood’s possible whereabouts is asked to call the Washington County Sheriff’s Department at 800-432-7303.

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