ROCKLAND, Maine — The superintendent of SAD 50 has withdrawn her name from the running for the top position of the brand new RSU that will merge administrations for her district and SAD 5 this summer.

Judith Harvey, a 25-year veteran of the educational system and in her seventh year at the helm of schools in Thomaston, St. George and Cushing, said she decided over the weekend that being the superintendent of RSU 13 just “isn’t a good fit.”

She alerted Ruth Anne Hohfeld, the new RSU 13 school board head, about her choice Monday night.

“It was a huge decision,” Harvey said Tuesday. “It will be very difficult for me to leave this district. We’ve done a lot here together.”

As of Tuesday, there is just one candidate for the superintendent’s position — Judy Lucarelli, who now is superintendent of SAD 5.

This may not mean that the selection of a new RSU 13 head will be easier, according to Hohfeld.

“I believe limited choice makes it more challenging,” she said.

Hohfeld will meet Thursday with an educational consultant who specializes in consolidation and the board will meet on Monday to discuss its options, she said.