BANGOR, Maine — Downtown business owner Paul Noonan has closed Christopher’s restaurant and Red Martini nightclub, both in the same West Market Square building, but they may not stay closed for long.

The building has been in foreclosure and will be auctioned on March 13, but Noonan said his business partner, Brett Settle, is negotiating with potential buyers to lease the space and keep the spots open.

Meanwhile, Noonan is turning his efforts to renovate another restaurant, New Moon, and to open a new nightclub, Revolver, in the space that is occupied by Club Gemini on Harlow Street.

Noonan said a number of different factors contributed to the closure of Christopher’s and Red Martini, which have been in business for about three years.

“A lot of it is the economy,” he said. “Alcohol sales are up, but food sales are going down.”

On that note, Noonan said he’s also had ambitions for a nightclub that offers live music and he hopes Revolver fills that need when it opens, likely within three months.

“That’s where the market is moving,” he said. “I think there is more interest in entertainment. And the music scene has seen a real push, and I think it will get even better.”

The details have not been made final, but Noonan envisions promoting live local country and rock bands, as well as DJs. He said he plans to completely renovate the interior of Club Gemini.

While Gemini is set to close, operators Patrick and Matt Brann will still own the building. Revolver will join Diva’s and Diversified Ink, a tattoo parlor, as lessees of the building on Harlow Street.

Noonan’s other business, New Moon, is a fine-dining restaurant on Park Street. He said he is making some minor renovations to that space, which will reopen under a new name, Luna Bar and Grill. The owner said the fine-dining menu will remain the same, but he also plans to offer a supplemental, more cost-conscious menu.

“The economy is changing and the demographics are changing,” Noonan said. “We want to keep the customers we have, but we also think we can appeal to a larger audience.”

Brett Settle, who has served as Noonan’s general manager for both Christopher’s and Red Martini, said he has every intention of keeping the restaurant and nightclub open.

“Basically, I’m talking to all the potential buyers about leasing from them once the auction is completed,” Settle said. “We’ve got the 10 best bartenders and servers in the area, and want them to keep working.”