MONSON, Maine — Monson’s proposed 2009-2010 municipal budget is lower than this year’s budget by $1,810.

The proposed municipal budget is $709,941 compared with this year’s budget of $711,751. Those figures exclude county and school costs.

While the budget requires less money, the town also has fewer revenues to offset the expenditures, according to Town Manager Julie Anderson.

“We tried to keep everything pretty much the same because of the economic situation,” she said Friday. “We’re not sure what the schools will do this year.”

Residents will vote on the budget 6:30 p.m. Monday, March 16, at the Monson Elementary School.

Anderson said the town paid its last $47,000 payment this year on a road improvement note taken out eight years ago, and that helped reduce expenditures. Those funds covered work on North Guilford Road and Elliotsville Road.

The proposed budget includes installation of a new furnace at the town hall and another at the Monson gym at an estimated cost of $20,000.

Also included in the proposed budget is $13,000 for the highway equipment fund, something municipal officials haven’t been able to include in previous years because of tight budgets. The account, which is a capital improvement fund, has a balance of about $37,000, according to Anderson.

Unavoidable in the new budget were increases for contractual expenses. The winter road maintenance contract increased from $42,310 to $66,950 because of the high cost of fuel, Anderson said. In addition, the Trio program, which supplies the town’s computer programs and technical support, increased by about 8 percent; Hamlin and Associates, which provides assessing services, increased by about 7 percent; and solid waste costs increased by about 4 percent, she said.