GREENVILLE, Maine — Proposed fee increases for permits will be discussed at a public hearing next month.

On the recommendation of the planning board, selectmen have a proposed schedule of fee increases that reflect more accurately the time the town spends to address specific permits.

“It’s a fairly modest increase,” Greenville Town Manager John Simko said this week.

He said the increase, in general, goes by a square-foot amount, but other adjustments have been made for items such as signs, after-the-fact permits and subdivision plans.

These proposed changes are the first change in rates and fees for building permits and subdivision review since 2001, according to Simko.

The public hearing will begin at 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 4, in the municipal building. Selectmen have the authority to adopt the new fee schedule after the public hearing.

Simko said there are some permits that are fairly labor-intensive and take up a lot of the code enforcement officer’s time, and the permit fees should reflect that.

“We’re trying to make a fee system that matches with the activity, and we’ve missed that in some regards,” Simko said. Another goal of the increases is to bring the fees closer in line with what other towns and the state charge for the same services, he said.

The proposed fees for a permit to build a habitable finished structure would increase by 20 cents per square foot, taking a 500-square-foot building permit from $66 to $100 and a 2,000-square-foot building from $220 to $400.

Fees for nonhabitable unfinished structures would increase by 15 cents per square foot under the proposed schedule. The changes include an increase from $28 to $37.50 for a 250-square-foot building and from $178 to $300 for a 2,000-square-foot building.

In addition, appeals would increase from $83 to $100; shoreland zone excavations and driveways would increase from $44 to $50; signs would increase from $6 to $25; demolition from no charge to $25; a subdivision application from no charge to $250; a subdivision final approval from no charge to $100 per lot; and a subdivision amendment from no charge to $100.

A complete fee schedule as proposed is available at the town office and will be available at the public hearing.