THOMASTON, Maine — Three Maine men were arrested at a motel Friday night after law enforcement officials found them there with drug trafficking paraphernalia and at least $8,000 worth of high-grade, home-grown marijuana.

Dustin Stimpson, 25, of Cushing was charged with marijuana trafficking and bail violation; James Stewart, 28, of Rockland was charged with furnishing marijuana; and Dunkins Pierre, 23, of South Portland was charged with marijuana trafficking.

Agents and officers from the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, the Knox County Sheriff’s Department and the Thomaston Police Department searched the hotel room while doing a bail check on Stimpson, who had been arrested in November for trafficking Oxycontin in Lincoln County.

“We had suspicions that Stimpson has been up to no good ever since he was bailed out the first time,” James Pease of the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency’s Rockland office said Monday.

Law enforcement officials apparently interrupted a drug transaction, according to a press release from the Maine Department of Public Safety. Pierre allegedly had delivered the marijuana to Stimpson’s room from South Portland shortly before the officers arrived, with the apparent intention of reselling the drug with Stimpson.

“Stewart had just purchased three quarters of a pound” shortly before the room was searched, according to the press release.

The marijuana had a street value between $8,000 and $12,000, according to the MDEA.

All three men were taken to Knox County Jail, Pease said. Stewart and Pierre have been released on bail.

Stimpson will remain at the jail until he is brought before a judge, which likely will happen Wednesday, Pease said.