ORONO, Maine — Four team titles were awarded Saturday, March 7, during the State Scholastic Chess Team Championships at the Memorial Union, University of Maine. Awards also were made in reserve and novice sections.

Winning team championships were John Bapst Memorial High School, Bangor, high school; Deer-Isle Stonington, junior high and kindergarten-grade three; and Cape Elizabeth, elementary.

Some 300 players, supported by coaches and parents, gathered to compete in the high school, junior high, kindergarten-grade six and kindergarten-grade three categories.

Also at stake were individual achievements leading to invitations to the State Individual Championships set for March 21 at UM. Each student played four games with team honors decided by total points for the four games or, in the case of the High School Championship, by head-to-head match play.

John Bapst garnered yet another Maine High School Championship with 3.5 match points by eking out a tie in the final round with short-handed Bangor High. Second with 3 match points were Bangor High and Cheverus of Portland. Bangor took the second place team trophy on tie-breaks.

Members of the John Bapst team were Aaron Spencer, Zach Smith, Margaret Bryan, Kurt Eyerer and Daniel Honeycutt.

Playing for Bangor High were Henry Chai, Andrew Audibert, Keji Xu and Scott Dennis. The Cheverus team included Mike Bowser, David Chandpen, Miriam Nielsen, Dakota Zinani and Tom Yates.

Invited back to the individual competition on March 21 with no entry fee are Aaron Spencer, Kurt Eyerer, Andrew Audibert, Keji Xu; Jiawei Zou, Orono; Ian Pelletier, Deer Isle-Stonington; Lucas McCain, Yarmouth High; and Tien Vu, George Stevens Academy.

The top girl scorers, also invited to the individual championships, were Margaret Bryan, John Bapst; Miriam Nielsen, Cheverus; and Sorel Edes, Orono. On tie-breaks, the trophy went to Margaret Bryan.

The top unrated players were John Parent, Van Buren, taking home the trophy on tie-breaks, and Tyler Ouellette, Caribou.

In the reserve section, Cheverus was dominant with Hampden Academy second. Winning team members were Zach Grant, Nick Couturier, Fred Bryant and Ken Martin, Cheverus. Hampden’s team consisted of Matt Stepanek, Rogan Winch and Ken Ginn. Stepanek was the high-scoring reserve player.

In the novice section, George Stevens Academy bested Camden Hills. Members of the winning team were Tom Strehan, also the top novice player, and Katherine Doyen.

In the championship junior high section, Deer Isle-Stonington’s depth propelled it to the title over Cape Elizabeth. Top scorers for Deer Isle-Stonington were Chelsea Brown, Sam Grindle, Hayden Ciomei, Conor Morey and Nathan Davis. Top scorers for Cape Elizabeth were Brett Parker, Robert Freccero, Daniel Brett, Nicholas Shedd and Ethan DuPerre.

Invited back to the individual contest were Paul Runicki, All-Saints; Brett Parker and Daniel Brett, Cape Elizabeth; Chelsea Brown, Sam Grindle, Hayden Ciomei, Conor Morey, Nathan Davis, Alec Eaton, Deer Isle-Stonington; Zach Hamilton, Glenburn; and Jacob Johnson, Orono.

The top girl scorer was Chelsea Brown. The top unrated player in the section was Jacob Johnson of Orono.

Belfast took first place in the junior high novice section with Piscataquis Community Middle School and William S. Cohen School of Bangor tied for second. On tie-breaks, Piscataquis was awarded the trophy.

Playing for Belfast were Cameron Jack, Shannon McCoy and Patrick Thayer. The top novice player was Joshua Audibert of Cohen School.

In the elementary championship section, a tight battle developed among Cape Elizabeth, Deer Isle-Stonington and the Airline School. Cape Elizabeth won out with Deer Isle-Stonington taking second place.

Top players for Cape Elizabeth were Matthew Fishbein, Wesley Parker, Matthew Real-Hatem, Jack Demeter and Leo Rye Wing. Top scorers for Deer Isle-Stonington were Bethany Humphrey, Ivan Zembrusky, Krisfor Melanio, Reid Bartlett and Cameron Wendell.

Invited back to the individual contest were Matthew Fishbein, Wesley Parker, and Matthew Real-Hatem; Anna Bryan and Laddy DeLuca-Lowell of Airline School; Bethany Humphrey, Ivan Zembrusky and Krisfor Melanio, Deer Isle-Stonington; John Xiang, Scarborough; Humza Khan, Glenburn; and Langdon Holly, Stepping Stones Montessori.

The top girl scorers were Bethany Humphrey, Deer Isle-Stonington, Anna Bryan and Laddy DeLuca Lowell, Airline School. The top unrated player was Humza Khan of Glenburn.

In the elementary novice section, the winning team was Stillwater Montessori with Stepping Stones School and Belfast tied for second. On tie-breaks, Stepping Stones was awarded the second-place trophy. Top scorers for Stillwater Montessori were Corine Rebman, Hope Gross, Jackie Rebman, Taylor Leavitt and Cole May. The top novice player was Christopher Thayer of Belfast.

In the kindergarten-grade three section, team honors were decided by the total of the team’s top three scorers. The winning team was Deer-Isle-Stonington over second-place Stillwater Montessori. Top scorers for Deer Isle were Soozin Cha, Kinsey Bartlett and Tyson Rice. Top scorers for Stillwater Montessori were Brendan Parlee, Stuart MacKay and Eamon Laskey.

Invited back to the individuals were Soozin Cha, Kinsey Bartlett, and Tyson Rice; Max DeLuca Lowell, Airline School; Ritvik Kumaran, Veazie; Brendan Parlee; Catherine Rudnicki, All Saints; and Eli Spahn, Palermo. The top-scoring girl was Catherine Rudnicki, the top unrated player Tyson Rice.

Tournament leaders were Kathy Richards, elementary and junior high and Ron Lewis, high school. Tournament directors were Steve Wong, elementary and junior high; Lee Doucette, high school championship and reserve; Tom Sandford, elementary and junior high novice; and Alba Briggs, high school novice. Trophy awards were coordinated by Bob Solinger. These were supported by other volunteers, parents and coaches.

The next event is the All-Girls Championship on March 14 to decide the Maine representative to the Susan Polgar National Invitational.

On March 21, the State Chess Individual Championships will be contested to choose the Maine representative to the United States Chess Federation National Denker High School Invitational. A side event, the Sidekick Quads, will be held on March 21 for adults with proceeds to benefit Maine scholastic chess. All events will be held at the Memorial Union, University of Maine.

Visit www.chessmaine.net for information and entry forms on these events and pictures of the team championships.