HOULTON, Maine — A project to build an affordable housing complex for senior citizens is approximately a year behind schedule, but Town Manager Doug Hazlett said Wednesday it still will go forward.

Coastal Enterprises Inc. still intends to build a $2.5 million, three-story apartment complex for senior citizens in downtown Houlton.

The company announced in late 2007 that it would construct the complex in Market Square in the back of the Temple Theatre parking lot. The project gained approval from the municipal planning and zoning boards.

Then the economy tanked, and Hazlett said Wednesday that funding for the project was uncertain for a time.

“Now, funding is in place,” he confirmed. “This project was caught up in the economic mess that our country was in for a while, but no more. A sign detailing the project likely will go up at the site in a week or so.”

Town officials have been enthusiastic about the project, which will create 28 units that will be rented to seniors who are in one- and two-person households.

Residents who meet eligibility standards will pay rents of $430 to $575 per month, including all utilities, according to information provided by CEI.

Financing for the project will come from MaineHousing, which is an independent state agency that combines public and private housing funds, along with other sources, to benefit Maine’s low- and moderate-income residents. CEI will post a $600,000 financial commitment to the project.

An on-site services coordinator will assist in linking residents with local services and transportation. The housing is not, however, intended for seniors with critical health care needs who would be better served in assisted-living or medium- to long-term health care facilities.

The complex will have a brick facade and will take approximately a year to construct.

The building was set to open this fall, but now it is scheduled to house residents sometime next year.