HOULTON, Maine — Local police late Wednesday were looking for a number of suspects they believe are behind a weekend car burglary spree.

Officer Steve Nason said Wednesday that 20 burglaries had been reported to the police. Nason said the burglaries took place late Saturday evening or early Sunday morning.

The burglars targeted unlocked vehicles around town and made off with cash and electronics, including iPods and GPS units.

Nason estimated that “a couple hundred” dollars had been taken from the vehicles, along with at least $1,000 worth of electronics.

Police have some suspects, Nason said Wednesday.

The officer advised residents to keep their vehicles locked and to keep valuables out of sight. He added that anyone who sees someone suspicious in their yard should contact the police department and not yell out or go outside to confront the person

Nason was assisted by Officers Steve Wotton and Jerad Sylvia.