LINCOLN, Maine — Stacy C. Powell’s second day on the job Tuesday had her observing a school board election until 9 p.m. after working a full day.

Call it a rather grueling way to start work as Lincoln’s new town clerk, but she didn’t mind.

“It’s been a very quiet election, and a good prep for me,” Powell said Tuesday as she watched election warden Diana V. Hill and other election workers compile ballot counts at Mattanawcook Academy of Lincoln. “It was not terribly busy. Nobody was running for president or anything, so I got a good chance to see how things work.”

Chosen by the Town Council last month to be the town’s new clerk, the 35-year-old Patten resident plans to spend a lot of time over the next several weeks watching how things work in her new office. Town Manager Lisa Goodwin, the previous town clerk, was promoted to town manager in November.

“It’s far too early to say what kind of changes I would want to make, if I wanted to make any,” Powell said. “The crucial thing is to ensure that we are doing everything we can to get [office customers] what they need, and that seems to be happening.”

Goodwin and Town Council Chairman Steve Clay said that among the reasons they hired Powell to replace Goodwin was Powell’s excellent credentials and job experience. Powell was a management analyst for facilities operations in the state of Delaware’s Department of Health and Social Services.

“Her human resources background makes her a good fit for this job,” Goodwin said. “She can learn the town clerk duties no problem. Management isn’t as easy to learn.”

Powell sees nearly perfect congruence between her old job and the new one. As an analyst, she helped oversee maintenance and custodial services at five DHSS facilities and 13 state service centers. Both jobs, she said, involve promoting efficiency, customer satisfaction, proper time management of workers and writing or altering policies to ensure those things.

“All of what I did there translates to what I will be doing here,” Powell said.