Brewer police arrested a Bradford man on multiple charges last Friday morning after he allegedly tried to enter a Holyoke Street residence and then fled after realizing that someone was home.

Brewer police Capt. Jason Moffitt said that Matthew Lucas Ayotte, 32, was apprehended shortly afterward and was identified by the homeowner as the person who had been at the home.

Moffitt said Ayotte initially identified himself to police as “Lucas Clark,” which led to a charge of refusing to provide his name.

“He was quite evasive about his identity,” Moffitt said.

Ayotte finally provided his real name after he was warned that he faced a felony forgery charge if he signed a summons with a fake name and that he would not be released on bail until he provided proof of his identity, Moffitt said.

Ayotte racked up charges of possession of a scheduled drug and drug paraphernalia after police found a plastic bottle containing Suboxone pills and a glass marijuana pipe in his possession during a pat-down search, Moffitt said. (Dawn Gagnon, BDN)

State police arrested an Orono man early Saturday morning after he allegedly threw a glass container containing a candle though a plate-glass window near the entrance of the University Motor Inn.

Daniel Oconnell, 20, was charged with criminal mischief in the window-breaking case, state police Trooper Chris Hashey said Thursday. Hashey said Oconnell also was charged with refusing to submit to arrest and refusing to stop for a police officer after he led him on a brief foot chase.

Oconnell since has been released on bail, Hashey said.

Hashey said the incident occurred about 2 a.m., shortly after Hashey heard a loud crash while approaching the intersection of College Avenue and Park Street. The trooper said he spotted two people nearby and saw one of them, later identified as Oconnell, duck down among some vehicles in the parking lot of Murray’s Campus Service Center.

When Hashey got out of his cruiser to investigate, Oconnell ran. His flight to freedom was short-lived, however, as Hashey caught up with him shortly afterward.

Orono Police Department personnel also were involved in the investigation, Hashey said. (Dawn Gagnon, BDN)

Brewer police arrested a 63-year-old North Carolina man on a drunken driving charge Wednesday morning after they found his sport utility vehicle in the parking lot of a Wilson Street supermarket.

Brewer police Capt. Jason Moffitt said Thursday that city police began looking for Sigmad Szczepkowski of Graham, N.C., after receiving a complaint that he was being belligerent at a local bank and that he appeared to be intoxicated. The caller provided a description of Szczepkowski’s vehicle, which bore North Carolina license plates.

When Szczepkowski emerged from the supermarket, police noted that he smelled of liquor, that his speech was slurred and that his eyes were red and glassy, Moffitt said, adding that the suspect “did quite poorly” when asked to perform field sobriety tests.

Szczepkowski, who was taken to Penobscot County Jail after his arrest, since has been released on bail, Moffitt said. (Dawn Gagnon, BDN)

Bangor police arrested a local transient Monday afternoon after he allegedly threatened to cut another man with a knife at Pickering Square.

After he was located a short distance from the square, Donald Galleck, 21, was charged with terrorizing and carrying a concealed weapon — a Bowie-style knife that was tucked into his belt and covered by his shirt, Bangor police Sgt. Catherine Rumsey said Thursday night, citing an arrest report.

Galleck since has been released on bail, she said.

According to a report by Bangor police Officer Jason Stuart, Galleck and the man he threatened were involved in a dispute over a woman. (Dawn Gagnon, BDN)

A Bangor man was arrested Sunday night after police officers stopped near the Leadbetter’s Super Stop on Hammond Street to find out who shone a laser light into their cruiser.

Though they didn’t find the laser or the person who shone it, they did run into Aaron Lawson, 25, who was wanted on a warrant, Bangor police Sgt. Catherine Rumsey said Thursday.

In addition to the warrant arrest, Lawson was charged with violating the conditions of bail from a prior arrest and carrying a concealed weapon, which Rumsey said was a hunting knife with a 5-inch blade he had tucked into the waistband of his pants.

Lawson since has been released on bail, she said. (Dawn Gagnon, BDN)

A loud party led to the arrest of a 19-year-old Bangor man early Saturday morning.

City police were called to an apartment on Broadway about 2:30 a.m. to look into a noise complaint, Bangor police Sgt. Catherine Rumsey said Thursday.

When they arrived, the officers were met at the door by Ryan Tatarcyk, the host of a gathering that included other minors, Rumsey said.

Tatarcyk was charged with furnishing liquor to minors as well as violating the conditions of his release from a prior arrest, she said. The teenager since has been released on bail. (Dawn Gagnon, BDN)

A Dover-Foxcroft man was arrested on numerous charges Saturday afternoon after he was pulled over on Essex Street in Bangor for reportedly failing to buckle up.

After he was pulled over, Evan Worthing, 21, identified himself to Bangor police Officer Brian Smith as “Daniel Rosebush,” Bangor police Sgt. Catherine Rumsey said Thursday. When Smith ran the name through the law enforcement computer database, however, he found that while a person by that name existed, he did not match the description of the man who was pulled over.

When Smith checked the license plate number of the car he pulled over, he found out that Worthing was a joint owner. He was able to match Worthing with the photograph shown on his driver’s license, also accessed by computer.

As it turned out, Worthing’s license was suspended. Worthing also was wanted on a warrant and had an illegal spring-loaded knife in his pocket, which was in violation of one of the conditions of his release from a prior arrest, Rumsey said.

In addition to the bail violation and warrant, Worthing was arrested on charges of failure to provide his correct name to police, trafficking in dangerous knives and operating after suspension, Rumsey said. He since has been released on bail. (Dawn Gagnon, BDN)

Two 16-year-old girls, one from Brewer and one from Lincoln, were charged with theft after they left Shaw’s on Main Street in Bangor early Wednesday evening with a half-gallon bottle of Allen’s Coffee Brandy hidden in a backpack.

The girls, whose names were withheld because of their ages, were released to their parents after they were charged, Bangor police Sgt. Catherine Rumsey said Thursday. (Dawn Gagnon, BDN)