SANGERVILLE, Maine — Residents approved a public indecency ordinance designed to prohibit certain acts of exploitation of human sexuality in commercial or business establishments in a 34-14 vote at a special town meeting Wednesday.

While moderator and resident Paul Davis said Wednesday that, “This issue has been a hot time for our town,” there was no discussion on the matter Wednesday. Davis did ask for a written vote.

Residents rallied to put the ordinance in place after a Portland man filed notice that he planned to improve his property for a gentlemen’s club, nightclub and lounge to help some acquaintances. The man withdrew his plan after the public outcry.

Selectmen also were given approval to transfer ownership of the Abbie Fowler School to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization so that organization could apply for a Brownfield grant to pay for the removal of contaminated items, such as asbestos. The town is ineligible to apply because it could have contributed to the contamination, Town Manager Michelle Dumoulin said Wednesday. While engineers still are evaluating the contamination, she said the cost identified to date is $130,000.

The idea is for the town to pay to help an organization such as the Sangerville Historical Society get its 501(c)(3) status and for that organization to resume ownership of the building for a period of time. The town plans to demolish the building once the contamination has been addressed.

Residents also approved an amount not to exceed $500 as a donation for Project Graduation 2011, $26,750 to correct errors that were made during the annual town meeting and $1,000 for Christmas decorations.