OLD TOWN, Maine — Residents in town and RSU 34 partners Alton and Bradley approved borrowing $5.3 million to add new science labs and art rooms at Old Town High School, according to unofficial election results.
The referendum tally was 362-114 in favor of the expansion project, which will add eight classrooms at the high school, including six new science labs and two art classrooms.
Old Town and Bradley residents approved the project, but those in Alton voted down the measure. A total of 26 residents cast ballots in Alton, with 16 voting no.
Old Town residents voted 309-87 in favor of the project, and Bradley voters cast 43 in favor and 11 against.
RSU 34 Superintendent David Walker said last week that the investment at the high school would save the school’s accreditation.
“We’re an accredited school now, but our accreditation is on probationary status pending a visit in 2012” from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, he said. “I think we have a significant risk for losing our accreditation” if no improvements are made.
The 15,600-square-foot expansion project not only will add eight classrooms but it also includes funding to change the current science labs inside the school and the art classroom into regular classrooms to replace the six outside classrooms, Walker said.