AUGUSTA, Maine – Douglas Denico of Madison has been appointed Maine State Forester. In this capacity, he will oversee the Maine Forest Service, in the Maine Department of Conservation.

“Doug believes in Maine’s working forest and the jobs that come with it, from the land to Maine mills to value-added products,” Conservation Commissioner Bill Beardsley said Monday. “No one wants to take our forest industry to new heights more than Doug Denico, whether it’s pulp and paper, lumber, energy, forest recreation, conservation or the emerging eco-economy.”

“I have spent my entire life and career in the Maine forest,” Denico said, in accepting the position. “I support the department’s and administration’s belief that our Maine forests are where natural resource jobs and conservation are wed.

“I am honored to be part of a great team of professionals at the Maine Forest Service, with whom I have worked for years,” the new Maine state forester continued. “I will give it my all.”

A native of Vassalboro, Denico earned his bachelor of science in forestry and master of science in forest economics at the University of Maine School of Forestry. He is immediate past president of the Maine Forest Products Council and currently serves as chair of the Maine Landowners and Sportsmen Relations Advisory Board. He is a licensed professional forester. His career includes forest management positions with International Paper, Scott Paper, S.D. Warren, Plum Creek and Sappi. He also owns and manages 1,300 acres of working forests in central Maine from Vassalboro to Township 7, Range 11, Piscataquis County.

As state forester and director of the Maine Forest Service, Denico will oversee state responsibilities for forest industry advocacy, forest fire protection, control of insect and disease infestation, promotion of community forests and education. In addition, the position oversees forest inventories and reporting, forest industry manpower programs that are leading to the creation of private sector jobs, and the administration of state laws and regulations. As state forester, he also serves on the Baxter State Park Authority.

“It is comforting to have a state forester who has worn out more than one pair of boots in Maine’s working forest, not to mention he’s a brilliant leader,” said Don White, president of Prentiss & Carlisle and president of the Maine Forest Products Council.

“We look forward to working with Doug,” White continued. “No one is more identified with Maine’s working forests than Doug Denico. He is highly regarded by his peers and is committed to raising Maine’s natural resource economy to new heights. He fully understands the concept of sustainable forestry and what it means to Maine’s future. He has our full support.”