BANGOR, Maine — A city resident already on probation for a drug conviction got himself into further trouble Wednesday by reportedly attempting to rip off undercover drug enforcement officers.

Brooks J. Paradis, a 28-year-old man originally from Nantucket, Mass., was arrested Wednesday afternoon at the corner of Third and Union streets in Bangor after allegedly attempting to flee with an undisclosed amount of cash given to him by undercover agents to pay for oxycodone.

“As part of an ongoing investigation, we attempted to purchase 50 tablets of oxycodone from Mr. Paradis,” said Maine Drug Enforcement Agency division commander Darrell Crandall.” He took the money, went into an apartment complex, and agents conducting surveillance saw him leave a rear entrance. He then got into a car and attempted to flee the area.”

Bangor police officers stopped the vehicle at Third and Union and took Paradis into custody.

“He had our money. He was attempting to rip us off,” said Crandall.

Paradis was in the midst of a one-year probation period after being convicted in Knox County Superior Court last May of unlawful possession of oxycodone. According to court records published in the Bangor Daily News, he was ordered to pay a $400 fine and given an 18-month prison sentence with all 18 months suspended.

“He’s been charged with Class C theft and probation violation,” said Crandall.

Crandall said since the investigation is continuing, more charges may be filed.