MOUNT DESERT ISLAND, Maine — Where Hunters Brook empties into the Atlantic Ocean offers a quintessential picture of what this coastal island is all about — beautiful views of the sea and a pebble beach that seems to call you with music created by waves that roll the small, smooth rocks with each wave.

Hunter’s Beach is a secluded cobblestone beach nestled in a little cove a short distance from Bar Harbor along Route 3. The half-mile hiking trail to the beach is maintained by volunteers and includes man-made steps and wooden bridges that provide easy travel to the shore.

The beach itself is only 100 yards long but is the perfect spot for a family or small group to enjoy a picnic, play on the rocks and beach or just enjoy the warm sun.

Hunter’s Beach should not be confused with Little Hunters Beach, located on the Acadia National Park Loop road just after Otter Cove, which is nearby and also an incredibly beautiful area.

To reach Hunters Beach, take Route 3 heading south out of Bar Harbor and travel about 6 miles. Once you pass Blackwoods Campground, look for Cooksey Road on the left, about eight-tenths of a mile away, and the trail head is another two-tenths of a mile on the left.

There is only enough parking for five or six cars, and if all the spots are taken, I suggest returning at another time or another day because Hunters Beach is perfect — in small numbers.