The Millinocket Town Council is considering a resolve opposing the creation of a national park next to Baxter State Park. Tabled at the council’s June 23 meeting, the resolve reads:

WHEREAS, Maine’s working forest has been the major economic force in northern Maine for over 400 years and is Maine’s leading industry; and,

WHEREAS, the creation of a national park in this part of the State would effectively eliminate a large portion of the forest products industry, cause a major collapse of the area’s economic base, and force the relocation of thousands of people needing new employment; and,

WHEREAS, Baxter State Park was created by former Governor Percival Baxter in part to thwart efforts in the 1930s to develop a national park in the area and his park has served this area well without the undue intrusion a national park and its regulations would cause; and,

WHEREAS, there are no outstanding characteristics or unique attractions outside Baxter to justify creation of a national park here; and,

WHEREAS, the private ownership of land and the public use of land is a Maine tradition and way of life worthy of preserving; and,

WHEREAS, the vast majority of people in this area clearly do not support such a national park;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Millinocket Town Council officially re-affirms the Town’s opposition to the creation of a new national park in northern Maine, and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Millinocket Town Council requests the Governor of Maine to affirm and the Members of the Maine Congressional Delegation to re-affirm their opposition to such a national park.