LAMOINE, Maine — A garage and attached apartment were destroyed Monday afternoon in a fire at a home in Lamoine but there were no reported injuries, according to firefighters.

The fire on Woodcock Lane was reported around 3:45 p.m., after the homeowner had finished mowing his lawn and then driven the riding mower into the garage. Peter Meyer, the homeowner, said Monday afternoon that the mower backfired as he parked it, but that he didn’t notice anything else amiss.

“It does that all the time,” Meyer said of the mower as he stood in his gravel driveway, watching firefighters spray the collapsed remains of his garage. A bed that had fallen through the weakened floor above the garage was visible through the charred structure as he spoke.

After parking the mower, Meyer did a few more things in the garage and then went to do something else, he said. A few minutes later, he saw smoke and flames in his garage. He tried to douse the flames himself, he said, but the fire’s heat was too intense.

Meyer said his Harley-Davidson was in the garage and was destroyed by the flames. He managed to move a truck that was parked nearby, but not before the heat melted the cover on his rear driver’s side turn signal. He said no one had been staying in the upstairs apartment and that the building was insured. Having insurance coverage will help take the “sting” out of losing the motorcycle, building and other contents.

Meyer said the important thing is that his nearby home is fine and no one was hurt.

“It’s not of any consequence,” Meyer said of the fire damage “It’s a luxury problem.”

Firefighters from several surrounding towns — Ellsworth, Hancock and Trenton among them — were called to the fire and helped extinguish the flames.

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