BANGOR, Maine — The sky may have been cloudy Tuesday morning, but the smile on the face of Sam Alexander as he shopped his favorite store, GameStop in the Bangor Mall, lit up the place like a day filled with sunshine for family and friends accompanying him on a special excursion.

Sam, who will celebrate his 15th birthday Saturday, was spending the day having his wish of a shopping spree granted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Maine.

Sam and members of his family were picked up by a limousine at their Hudson home and driven to the Bangor Mall area, where volunteer wish granters Stephanie Collins and Laurie Turner had arranged for him to shop at GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods, where they expected he would purchase golf equipment, since he is an avid golfer.

At GameStop, which was the first stop on his excursion, golf was certainly on Sam’s mind as he selected as many Tiger Woods video games as he could find.

Sam, who has osteosarcoma, recently was named the Junior Golfer of the Year by the Maine Golf Hall of Fame, becoming the first honoree in this new category.

He is a self-taught golfer, said his father, Joe Alexander, having learned the game by watching the sport and following instructional DVDs.

Sam has become a fine golfer, scoring very well by they way, despite losing his right leg and part of his right shoulder to cancer.

Once Sam had completed his Make-A-Wish shopping spree, the limousine was scheduled to take him and his family to the wish restaurant of his choice: Dysart’s in Bangor.

“Of all the restaurants he could choose from, that’s where he wanted to go,” said Sam’s dad. “He said he wanted meatloaf and mashed potatoes at Dysart’s.”