BANGOR, Maine — A 24-year-old man was arrested early Friday morning after allegedly assaulting two female McDonald’s employees late Thursday evening.

Emmanuel Barbosa was screaming when he entered the McDonald’s located at 1105 Union St. in Bangor at 10:51 and attacked the two women, according to Bangor Police Sgt. Ed Potter.

“He came in screaming he was being chased. He grabbed the first woman and knocked her to the ground, which gave her a fat lip. The other woman was behind the counter and saw that. He approached her and grabbed her by the neck and arms yelling that someone was trying to kill him.”

Police took Barbosa to Eastern Maine Medical Center after the incident. When he was released at 8:30 a.m. Friday, he was arrested for an outstanding warrant, and also was charged with two counts of assault, carrying a concealed weapon, two counts of possession of scheduled drugs Suboxone and Alprazolam, and possession of a synthetic hallucinogenic. Barbosa was found in the possession of a powder that police initially identified as bath salts.

According to court listings in the Bangor Daily News, Barbosa previously had been convicted of several charges earlier this year in August including trafficking in dangerous knives, criminal trespassing, violating condition of release, criminal mischief, theft by unauthorized use of property and terrorizing. Barbosa was sentenced to 27 days in jail and $500 in restitution fines.