Once a rocker, always a rocker. Former Beatle Paul McCartney, known in his early days for the earsplitting volume of his Little Richard covers, got in trouble with noise enforcement officers who visited his London home early Monday morning after neighbors complained about the loud music coming from his late-night wedding party. Officials said McCartney agreed to turn down the music. He does not face any legal problems because of the raucous party, which followed his Sunday afternoon wedding to Nancy Shevell, the 51-year-old American who became his third wife after four years of dating. McCartney’s home is in the affluent St. John’s Wood neighborhood, which also includes the Abbey Road studios where the Beatles recorded their classic albums. … The tea party has spawned a new genre of protest music that’s becoming the soundtrack for the political movement’s gatherings. Activists who packed a room in Bluffton, S.C., recently picked up the refrain of a song as they waited for Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann to arrive. “While we need a new beginning, no Republicans or Democrats. Yes, clean out all the vermin and then kick out all the rats,” sang Don Fortney, who wrote the song. As Bachmann entered the Golden Corral restaurant, a crowd belted out the chorus: “Can you hear us now?” “Blowin’ in the Wind,” it’s not, and Don Fortney isn’t the platinum-selling troubadour of a new generation. But about half of self-described tea party supporters are 50 or older and can remember listening to AM radio that spun 45s of liberal protest music like Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger. Tea party performer Billy Blaze finds some inspiration comes from the 1970s protest music, such as Edwinn Starr’s “War.”