BREWER, Maine — A Brewer police officer arrested an Old Town man Tuesday night after being called to Wilson Street to look into a 911 hangup call.

Though he did not find an emergency there, Officer Eduardo Benjamin did find Jason Dennis, 25, smelling of alcohol, which constituted a violation of his bail conditions from a recent arrest that prohibit him from using or possessing it, Brewer police Cpl. Nelson Feero said Wednesday night, citing a police report.

Benjamin charged Dennis with the bail violation and took him to Penobcot County Jail, where he racked up another charge by reportedly refusing to sign a summons. Dennis remained in jail late Wednesday night, Feero said.

Dennis was arrested by Old Town police on Sept. 27 after he allegedly assaulted his estranged girlfriend, according to previously published reports.

A witness described as a big Marine intervened, grabbing Dennis and dragging him across the yard, where he sat Dennis down and told him to sit still until police arrived, Old Town police Sgt. Travis Roy said shortly after that arrest.

Dennis instead fled, prompting a search by Old Town and Orono police. He turned up about an hour later at a nearby Hannaford supermarket, where a manager reported he was bothering customers and “appeared to be on something.”

Dennis allegedly took off again but was captured shortly afterward and arrested on charges of domestic violence assault and refusing to submit to arrest.