BANGOR, Maine — Some organizations are not allowing the adoption of black cats, the iconic symbol of Halloween, during the month of October for fear of possible animal cruelty.

Lynda Garibaldi, who founded the Cat’s Cradle rescue organization in North Carolina, said in a press release that black cats are prime targets for animal cruelty during the month of October because of Halloween.

“[People] do horrible things to cats, especially black cats, this month; I mean ritual torture and killing,” she said in a press release.

Cats Cradle isn’t the only organization concerned about cats’ safety during October. Some organizations in Maine are restricting the adoption of black cats this month. The Animal Orphanage in Old Town does not allow the adoption of black cats during the week of Halloween because, according to shelter manager Margaret Baker, “People use them for sacrificing.”

Waterville Humane Society has a similar set of restrictions in place and does not allow the adoption of black cats until the day after Halloween.

Bangor Humane Society disagrees. According to public relations manager Stacey Coventry, there is no additional danger associated with allowing the adoption of black cats during October. She said the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has done extensive research on the topic and found no correlation between Halloween and the sacrificing of black cats.

“We use our common sense and always screen all our adopters. We ask a lot of questions, and if someone comes in speaking, acting, or dressed in a way that would cause us to believe that the animal would not be safe, then we do not allow for adoption,” said Coventry.

The Humane Society is encouraging people to adopt cats this month in order to help dispel the myths that it is unsafe for the animals.

“We only have a certain amount of time to find these animals a good home, and if you restrict an entire month, then that’s one less month you have to help the animals,” Coventry said.