AUGUSTA, Maine — If new legislation passes, it will be much easier for towns to leave their consolidated school districts.

The state Legislature’s Education Committee Monday endorsed a bill that would require that only 50 percent of a town vote be necessary to withdraw from a district. The current law requires that three-quarters of townspeople agree to withdraw.

The committee, which supported the wording in a 11-2 vote, did put a sunset clause on this, so if it does become law it will become null and void after two years.

“People in some school districts believe that they were forced into consolidating due to the financial penalties. This amendment allows some recourse,” wrote Ryan Boyd, the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee clerk, who attended the work session on Monday.

The wording came in an amendment to bill LD 1742, “An Act To Amend Education Laws.” The amendment was added during a work session on Monday. That bill doesn’t have any upcoming public hearings before it heads to the House and Senate.