LEWISTON, Maine — Police worked quickly to nab two suspects in a Lewiston bank robbery, and authorities are now looking into whether the pair is involved in other heists.

A branch of the Auburn Savings bank was robbed by somebody who showed a gun at about 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday. No one was hurt.

A witness gave police a description of the getaway vehicle, and the car was pulled over about an hour later in Windham.

Police arrested Paul Sans, 29, and Maria Mattson, 30, both of Westbrook, and charged them with robbery.

Windham police are investigating whether Sans and Mattson are connected to a bank robbery in that community last week.

Federal authorities are expected to join the investigation.

8 replies on “Westbrook man and woman accused of robbing Lewiston bank with gun”

  1. …..wouldn’t you have loved to be a fly on the wall when they were planning this heist? Stupity is so so entertaining.

  2. And the robberies just keep growing ! Think there is little economical problems in the our state right now ? When times get desperate , people get desperate !

  3. They must be incredibly stupid to not switch cars.  The right way to rob a bank is to use a stolen car (repaint it quickly the night before, and switch plates) and then shortly after getting away from the bank you switch at a remote location within 5 minutes of the bank, and torch the getaway car to thwart forensics.  Then leave on the bikes that you hid in the bushes at the remote location with the loot in backpacks.  The last thing cops will be looking for is 2 people on bikes. 

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