AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster was in the hot seat for most of Saturday’s state GOP committee meeting.

Raised voices could be heard at times from outside the closed-door meeting at the Augusta City Center. At other times, there was laughter.

In the end, Webster came away relatively unscathed.

At the end of the meeting, a majority of the group voted to support the chairman going forward into a crucial 2012 election cycle that will see him play a prominent part.

Webster said he was pleased to have the support of many legislators and that he understood the frustration of some.

“I think the committee was pretty supportive of what we’re trying to do with recruiting candidates and raising money,” he said outside the meeting room. “There’s some frustration with the caucus that happened, but overall the committee was supportive.

“When you are chairman, you try to stay neutral. I did, and obviously you can’t make everybody happy.”

As the outspoken and sometimes polarizing head of the Maine GOP, Webster has been criticized for his role in mishandling the party’s presidential caucuses last month. That criticism bubbled over into Saturday’s meeting, where some attendees wanted Webster to explain himself.

On Feb. 11, the party declared former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney the winner of a presidential preference poll and de facto winner of Maine’s caucuses. That announcement was made before all the votes were counted, a move that angered supporters of Ron Paul, who finished a close second.

In the days that followed, GOP officials admitted they made mistakes by omitting certain votes and by not allowing Washington County Republicans to have their votes counted. The Washington County GOP canceled its caucuses on Feb. 11 because of a pending snowstorm.

The Maine GOP later updated its results to include Washington County. It didn’t change the outcome, but it also didn’t eliminate the black eye left on the party because of all the negative attention.

Even before Saturday’s meeting started, Webster was greeted by Ron Paul supporters outside the event holding signs that said “count all the votes” and calling for Webster’s resignation.

Members of the media were denied access to the meeting itself, but parts of the discussion could be heard from the hallway outside.

One unidentified man told Webster that he has two strikes and is still at bat.

“I don’t want to take you out of the game, but you better be careful how you swing at the next pitch,” the man said.

Ruth Summers, vice chair of the Maine GOP, reminded the audience how successful the party has been under Webster’s “reign,” a choice of words that further riled some.

The meeting closed with a motion asking whether Webster would have the party’s support. It wasn’t clear exactly how that vote went. Summers said afterwards that it was unanimous. Others who attended said that wasn’t accurate. A majority supported Webster, yes, but many others did not.

After the meeting, many attendees spilled into the hallway and spoke about what had happened behind closed doors. The synopsis differed greatly depending on who spoke.

Party leaders, including Summers, said the meeting was a chance for Republicans to air concerns and share opinions about a number of different things, including the caucuses that put the party in the spotlight.

Ultimately, she said, the party came out unified and united Saturday behind its chairman as well as the many federal and state candidates that will be on the ballot this year.

Others had an entirely different take.

Matt McDonald of Belfast, a member of the Waldo County GOP, said he thinks Webster should have stepped down and was appalled at the chairman’s behavior on Saturday.

“He once again showed himself to be a bully,” McDonald said after the two-hour meeting. “He yelled at members, he was condescending and rude. Every day he’s chair, he hurts the party going forward.”

The Waldo County GOP had called for a censure of Webster last month, largely for his handling of the caucuses. McDonald said the censure motion was read Saturday but not acted upon.

Mike Hein, a member of the Augusta GOP, echoed what McDonald said about Webster being rude and derogatory during the meeting.

“He’s the opposite of apologetic, the opposite of humble,” Hein said. “He needs to apologize. He has not done that. I think a lot of this would go away if he did.”

Webster has said in the past that he doesn’t care much what people think of him. The biggest thing he heard Saturday was the support he has among lawmakers.

Among them was Rep. Lance Harvell, R-Farmington.

“It was a healthy debate,” he said. “There were some disagreements and some misunderstandings, but at the end of the day we’ll be a united family.”

Rep. Jeff Timberlake, R-Turner, agreed and said things like this need to happen from time to time in order for the party to move forward stronger.

Still, some feel Webster has been dividing the party with his tactics and his rhetoric, even before the caucuses. His role in the discussion over voter fraud last year and the subsequent vote by Mainers to overturn a law banning Election Day voter registration has been cited.

More recently, after U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe announced she would not seek a fourth term and Republicans began looking for candidates to replace her, Webster said bluntly that he didn’t think Scott D’Amboise would be his party’s nominee. D’Amboise, of Lisbon Falls, had been in the race before Snowe dropped out and planned to challenge her in the primary.

D’Amboise attended Saturday’s Maine GOP committee meeting and said he heard a much-needed discussion that will help heal wounds leftover from the caucuses. He also said he doesn’t have any hurt feelings toward Webster for his comments.

Asked whether he thought Webster should resign, D’Amboise said, “I have no comment on that. I hope to sit down with him. Whether he chooses to do that is up to him.”

Donn Chamberlain, a D’Amboise supporter, said, “Charlie Webster is going to kill the Maine Republican Party.”

Going forward, Webster’s biggest assets — his ability to recruit candidates and his ability to raise money — likely are needed by a party that wants to keep its majorities in the House and Senate. Many credit Webster for guiding the GOP to victories that allowed the party to wrest control of the Maine Legislature from Democrats for the first time in decades.

As for changes to the caucuses, Summers said there was some discussion about that on Saturday. She also said there will be plenty of time between now and 2016 to decide whether to consider any changes.

416 replies on “State committee votes to keep Maine GOP chairman Charlie Webster in place despite caucus mess”

  1. I’m shocked.  Turns out Charlie Webster CAN run a rigged election within his own party.  I had doubts after the caucuses.

    1.  Well, I’m sure he’ll become the nominee for the senate.  Very simply, like the caucuses, he’ll simply not count certain districts that obviously won’t vote for him after that snafu, like Washington County and Waterville and….

        1. No but, they are connected at the hip on seeing imaginary unicorn riding fraudulent voters, so it is easy to confuse them.

          This is my brother Charlie and this is my other brother Charlie…

          1. Gee Naran, as the queen of snark, I would think you would recognize it.

            Your posts are particularly weak tea today.

          2. ooooo how original.

            I know I’m one but what are you?

            The weak Pee wee Herman impersonation is not your strong suit, so why do you rely on it so frequently?

          3. Here’s a news flash. YOU don’t get to decide who is or is not a Republican particularly since you claim you are “non partisan” (lol)

          4. Ha!  And the two Crazy Charlie brothers have their sane Democratic brother Darrell locked in a trunk at the Maine Heritage Foundation.

  2. Sure looks like Charlie Webster meant to rig the caucuses and the party likes his actions.  Nothing subtle about this group.  They are pushing it all to the wall!

    1. A wall that LePage is driving them towards……..splat!      They are going to be saying……”wha,…wha……wha happenend?”

    1. What a silly question. We all know that Republicans don’t count votes. They just declare a winner. 

      1. Hahaha…well I’m hoping it was 100% reporting :)…would be curious to know what counties wanted him out.

    2. There was not an official vote, according to those who participated. There was a call for whether or not people supported Webster and more people said “yay” than “nay.” But I was not present for the vote, so I’m relying on those who were.
      -Eric Russell

  3. Webster, LePage, Nutting, Raye, Gardner…

    The Sopranos could not have assembled a better gang.

    1. Their Republican Administration want to run the State like the their Committee ran their caucuses. 

  4. Yahoo!  And some folks said we wouldn’t have Crazy Hide the Vans Charlie to kick around any more.  The one good thing about the GOP/Tea Party is that they love to cling to losers.  Chalk up more votes for Democrats next November.  Thanks, GOP/Tea Party!

  5. “He once again, showed himself to be a bully….He yelled at members, he was condescending and rude.  Everyday he is Chair, he hurts the party going forward”……………..

    Which is exactly why there is going to be changes in Augusta, this year and in 2014.  Webster will never change, and this analysis of his methods and the results is exact.

    1. You would think that after that bloodbath of a defeat in last November’s referendum vote of 60-40 that the Republicans might have figured out that a change in leadership was needed. Add to that the recent fixed Republican caucus that folks around the State and Country are still laughing about and you have to start to wonder if in fact drinking tea should be put into the same category as bath salts. 

        1. Oops my bad. I will have to be more careful in my word selection in the future when commenting on the Maine Republican Party’s leadership won’t I.

          1.  Better then the Dem crazies running around building wind towers everywhere, and handing out the welfare money.

        1. It was two Novembers ago when the GOP took control of the state government; please reread the comment.  4mermainer was clearly referring to the referendum vote this past November that rejected the same-day election registration repeal.

          1. Yes, if I recall correctly, the vote on that issue was 61% to 38%. Ironic, the same percentages of those who didn’t vote for LePage, and those who did. Just an observation.

    1. Charlie Webster is not running for U.S. Senate. Charlie Summers, the current secretary of state, has been gathering signatures for a run.
      -Eric Russell

      1. Eric were you able to get in touch with any of the Democratic Party leadership or were they too busy out dancing in the streets?

        1. They won’t be dancing if they have to face Rick Bennett or Bill Schneider  in the General Election for Senate. Because they will be a force and very good credible candidates.  Baldy and King should cringe if they have to run on their abysmal records as Governor and Baldy’s pathetic do nothing record as 2nd District Congressman. Baldy not even proposing 1 single bill his in time and being rated in the bottom 10 of congress people.  Liberals want them in office because they will benefit from all of the Welfare Handouts. They also better hope the Republicans and all of us Indpendents stay home during Gay Marriage II referendum LOL. Because it will be the 53% ers all of us and more coming out in full force to vote it down again. Not only to vote that down again but clean out what Democrats are left in Augusta send them on a bus back to where they all belong.

        1. Yeah it is hard to tell the guys apart that keep yelling “hey there’s an illegal alien behind that bush, and that one and there one riding a unicorn!!!!!”

          1. Sorry Charley. 
            But to the un-indoctrinated  the doctrinaire clowns are really hard to tell apart. 

  6. I’ve been a Republican since I’ve been old enough too vote, though I don’t necessarily vote or even agree with the party line and vote the way I want, but this is the straw that broke the camels back.

    When a group of supposedly intelligent people vote behind closed doors, so us the people that they are suppose to represent can’t know what is happening, and keep an underhanded, conniving, lying, blowhard like Charlie Webster as Maine GOP chairman. 

    Then it is time to become Independent or unenrolled (the other party isn’t any better), since there isn’t actually an Independent party in Maine, which I will next time I’m at the Town Office.

    1. I, like you, have been a long time Republican, but the nut jobs that have hijacked the party make it difficult to see any resemblance to traditional Republican values. 

      1. All you “Experienced” members of the former GOP best take care for your security from the New Order GOP/Tea Party types. If I were you I’d certainly not want to be talking openly (Using your own name here) of your disgust over the antics of our current State leaders. Especially if any of the new wave types like Crazy Charlie Webster or Naran-Row Spaulding (Spreading hateful vitriol below) knows who you are. You best walk softy on this subject because it looks like your former colleagues are fully prepared to come out of the shadows and from behind very wide trees to getcha. Under their new leadership this time they might want more than your Halloween candy.

        1.  Is cowardice the new “order”? If so, count me out.

          Some of us (unlike you) aren’t afraid to post comments using our real names. If the panty-waists writing anonymously are too scared, that’s their problem.

          People like McDonald who spread unrest and write personal attacks on party officials shouldn’t display shock when it comes back around in their own direction.

          1. Well, what does one say to something like this?  All I can say comfortably is I’m embarrassed for you and the party you represent.  Hope life (Not politics) gets better for you soon.

          2. Oh, please, keep her here, Joe. So entertaining. I love it when she calls people “punks.” Hilarious!

          3.  Please find and post any comment from me where I have called anyone a “punk.” I know what I write, and that is not my style.

            I might, for instance, call you a “rabid harpy,” or a “waste of human space,” but I do not employ the term “punk.”

            You’re welcome.

          4. CORRECTION:  In response to comments posted by WilWhipple in response to an article published in the Feb. 17th edition of the BDN (“Maine GOP head: Romney still winner after recount of caucuses”), Naran Row-Spaudling did not refer to Whipple and his ilk as “punks.” In fact, she referred to Whipple and his “punk buddies.” Clearly, “punk” would not reflect Ms. Spaulding’s signature comedic style. Instead, she chose to respond to WW’s post that Charlie Webster had better “be ready” for “fun” at the state convention with this witty retort, still easily  found online:

            Not as much “fun” as the GOP will have with you, and your punk buddies, if you try to start any trouble.

            Again, she does not employ the term “punk.”

            You’re welcome.

          5. So you are not denying that you are exactly like you say others should not ever be, then ? 

            Got it. 

          6. Well, if like the GOTea Central Committee you get to make the all rules, 
            of course you are right. 
            After all,  “punk”  is not even in your  vocabulary. 
            D’oh !

            But didn’t you say this;  
            “You call yourself a minister, so how about acting like one. ”  ? 

            How is that NOT a personal attack ? 

            AND never mind your ethics in posting the information that you say he did not want in the 
            public domain. 

            I know you feel misunderstood, so help us out with explaining your way of thinking. 
            I’d like to be able to respect you, really I would. 
            Tell why we should, please. 

          7. Naran.  Your attacks on Matt are uncalled for.  His critique of Chairman Webster are accurate and on point.  Webster has behaved in a thuggish and bullying manner to folks who have raised genuine concerns about the party governance issues with which he is charged.  This goes back to his start as party Chairman.  Webster credits himself with the electoral success that came from a national grassroots rebellion against similar thuggish behavior by Democrats and President Obama to push through Obamacare in 2009.  Webster credits himself with successful fundraising that comes naturally to any party in power.  Webster then accuses those who criticize the harm HIS behavior is doing to the party for wanting to undo the parties successes.  If Republicans suffer heavy losses in the upcoming elections in Maine, but hold their ground in other States, then Chairman Webster will have nobody but himself to blame.

          8. I would say it’s more then cowardice the politicians take pay offs and empower the same scum that bought them to rob the American people.If anyone does get caught rather then take responsibility they claim ignorance and walk.The fact that the people really don’t have a say anymore is pretty clear.Why bother to vote at all, it’s to corrupt to matter anymore.

          9.  I am sorry you feel that way. I agree that it’s easy to get discouraged, with the current political atmosphere in both Maine, and America. Just look at the state of things with the Maine GOP, where some members are so focused on “retribution” with regard to Charlie Webster they seem unable to move on and concentrate on getting good candidates elected.

            However, there is always hope, and I have faith that with work, Maine will be able to achieve a better economy and a more sustainable future.

            I hope you find a new job.

          10. I liked that post as it illustrates the conservative approach that I love so much. 
            I want to encourage your approach to political discourse. 
            Keep up the good work that has gotten the State o’Maine where we are today. 
            No compromise !!!!!!

        2. A new world order is needed to restore freedoms, instill self respect for the traditions that made this country great , and stop whining about “poor  me” all the time!

      2. Unified… says who? I just re-registered to Libertarian and I expect there are many that will also.

      3. We’re not nutjobs, we’re not moonbats, we’re not “The Beautiful People”, but concerned patriots who are tired of being crapped on by latabouts, gimme girls , and those who expect crazy-checks each month. i have a job,,,pay taxes , vote, go to church,  support my family, look out for my neighbors, volunteer  at the local nursing home, raise funds for  a homeless shelter, buy girl scout cookies, coach a little league team, am a scoutmaster,,,,,,and have been married to the same person for over 40 years,,,,,,,,,and it’s a woman.

        1. Look,  you are most likely not the 1% either.
          It is obvious. 
          So will you be surprised when after they are finished using you, 
          that you just be another peon of the corporate feudalists  ? 
          Why do you think you are not earning the same fate as we liberals who are fighting 
          the same forces, in our day, and way, as did the Founding Father’s did in theirs ?  

    2.  The “state committee of the Maine Republican party” doesn’t represent real Maine Republicans.

      I have been a registered Republican for more than 40 years.  I never
      voted for, assented to, nor voiced my approval of any such committee.

      I have donated to Republican candidates.  I vote every year.  And this
      is the first time I have ever heard of this committee.  It is obviously
      time to disband the committee, because it is just a tool of those who
      support “PAY-OFF Charlie” Webster.

      This must be a committee selected by Charlie Webster’s crooked, 
      pro-war, pro-bank-bailout, pre-devaluation of the currency, pro-$5
      gasoline, pro-Israeli genocide -friends in Augusta who all seem to
      support -Mitt Romney-.

      Those are the supposedly popular positions Romney’s oratory indicates. 
      And those positions did not win Romney the Straw Poll vote in Maine. 
      Romney bought his win from “PAY-OFF Charlie” Webster -just like he has
      bought wins all over the country- leading him further down the crooked,
      vote-fraud campaign trail.

      Maine is a big state.

      But Maine is clearly NOT SO BIG, that REAL Maine Republicans do not know
      Charlie Webster orchestrated a felony vote fraud in the Republican
      Caucuses Straw Poll count.

      The vote fraud and bias was both blatant, obvious and INSULTING!


      Is that YOUR Republican Party?

      Don Robertson

      Limestone, Maine

          1. You must have a slow day on your website “communist red” (Dirigo Blue).  Who cares what hand  the Emperor signs paperwork with.  Our country is in the toilet and the Liberals get all warm and fuzzy over this guy .   Just like they do with Baldy and King here in Maine.  Like all these folks walk on water like they can’t do anything wrong.  When we have more than 50% of folks in this country not paying any taxes.  We have more than 60% of folks collecting either Full Welfare or Welfare with Unemployment here in Maine.  Our schools rank 27th in the country with 70% or more failing in some form.  Our transportation system is abysmal , pathetic.  You can’t go 50 feet without hitting huge potholes, bumps and dips and doing damage to your vehicles.  Their is no EAST-WEST Highways in Maine.  We have terrible communications  service from Fairpoint.  Our electric rates are very high.  All you Liberals can talk about how what color is Obama’s expensive shoes are,  or how great that goofy smile comes from folks like Obama, King and Baldacci.  When our country is broke, our state is broke, credit ratings dropping.  More than 30 million needing jobs ( “PMSNBC’S” Dylan Ratigan) .  All we can focus on is the warm and fuzzy liberal socialist agenda with them feeling sorry for everyone.

          2. Yeah hopefully when your welfare check doesn’t come in you won’t be so smug.  Because the majority of us working folks  we will be speaking loud and clear again in November when we boot all of these Liberals out of office.

          3. Whatever that means.  Do you think for yourself, or just follow WVOM / Fox blah blah blah?

          4. and the republicans are right handed and both palms are getting lined equally by the same people.

          5. Does being a lefty that make him the Anti-Christ, or something ? 

            So are people saying ; “I am NOT an irrational racist. I don’t hate President Obama 
            because he is black,  it is because he is left handed. ” ? 

          6. That is something I would not be proud of , if anything I would either hand the check back or better yet rip it up or burn it.  Never accept anything from that Socialist Nobama.  It isn’t worth the paper its printed on.

          7.  So you would council every senior citizen that receives a social security check to just throw it in the trash, because it “isn’t worth the paper its printed on”? Or that veterans shouldn’t cash their pension checks, or go to the VA for treatment because these programs aren’t “worth the paper its printed on”?

          8. When the dollar collapses because of many decades of unconstitutional spending, the checks and dollars will both be better utilized for blowing noses on or wiping elsewhere.

          9. It’s not hard to see our dollar is only at 5% of its purchasing ability.

            Then again, I guess you’re snorting something to where you don’t see how the federal reserve banking cartel have conned us all of our buying power & standard of living. No president seemed to have had the guts to even dismantle their printing power… aside from Kennedy and his silver-backed currency.

          10. When the dollar collapses because of many decades of … ”
            … the 1% will be just fine, thank you very much, and have even more control. 

            That that is exactly what they actually want to happen, too.
            Accepting that reality puts their policies into their proper perspective. 

          11. Anything that comes from that Socialist I would send it back, rip it up or burn it.  I would never accept a handout from that joker that punk.  This man has destroyed our country with his radical socialist agenda and bailouts.  He has bailed out everyone from Wall Street, Big Banks, Clean Energy Companies some of which have failed like Solyndra, Car Companies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac etc..   He is against bring in the Keystone Pipeline to help solve our energy crisis.  He has given huge money to Ethanol plants to produce Ethanol that stuff is junk.  E-10 fuels  has hurt our car engines, ruined car parts have had it happen to me several times.  From fuel pumps failing, alternators catching fire due to the stress that E-10 poses, phase seperation once having to drain fuel tank, clean fuel lines , filters etc..  Now going to E-15 which congress opposed but Nobama and EPA rammed through no matter what.  This fuel most cars , and small engines can’t even run on it cause testing has show E- 15 that  it will damage the engines from cars and small engines.  This gentleman wants the gas prices to go up because he doesn’t care he wants it to be like Europe.  This man needs to go his approval ratings can’t get above 50%.  We need real change , fresh change anyone but NOBAMA.

          12. Anything that comes from that Socialist I would send it back, rip it up or burn it.”

            … but that extremism IS NOT  because he is a racist. 
            Just ask him, and he’ll tell you that. 

          13. So are you really proud of the way the caucuses or the way the State is being run, then  ? 

            ( Or, in kindness, may-be they deserve our understanding as they are   just confounded by the fact that never compromising, as if were a really a matter of principle,  means having to be arrogant and morally dishonest, too ?  May God love, em. )

          14.  After seeing the kinds of comments you’ve made about Webster and the entire Maine GOP, it wouldn’t surprise me.

            You might as well change your party affiliation. Why not model in fact what you display in theory?

          15. What a sad state of affairs we are living in when people who disagree and offer logical objection get shouted down and have their character assassinated. In theory the Republican Party has often stood for 1st Amendment Rights, but I guess it’s a theory that didn’t translate locally. 

          16. Matt, you write just like the Liberals I read every day. You started the thread on AMG, you wrote unpleasant attacks on Webster and the Maine GOP, and when other AMG members objected, and questioned your comments, you whined to the editor and asked that the thread be removed from the forum.

            Then you whine on here about “hate,” and protest that AMG members are engaging in “character assassination.”

            There is no “character assassination” here, save that which you directed toward Charlie Webster and other Maine GOP Committee members.

            You call yourself a minister, so how about acting like one, by telling the truth?

          17. Admit the truth instead of whining, Matt. I don’t hate you — I dislike your devious misrepresentation of the facts.

            Who asked for the live-blog thread to be deleted on AMG?

          18.  “Admit the truth instead of whining” ? 
            Lead by example, on that point, please, Naran. 
            Please do tell us your “truth” and how well 
            it has worked both Nationally and on the
            State level, sir. 

          19. I asked for the the live-blog to be deleted on AMG because you and some clown named Thrasybulus tired to shame me, not based on my politics or on what I said, but because I am poor, because I have a medical condition and because of my poverty I am on MaineCare. 

            Way to go,
            You tried to publicly shame a poor and sick minister
            I hope you are proud of this.

            #”I am a Maine Republican and Charlie Webster does not represent ME”

          20. You are full of it, Matt.

            Another poster asked you a question on the AMG thread, after you wrote attacks on Charlie Webster, Ruth Summers and other GOP leaders.

            You chose to answer the question. I had nothing to do with that exchange between the two of you.

            You’re misrepresenting what happened, and you know it.

            Go ahead and call yourself a minister, but I thought clergy were supposed to tell the truth.

          21. For those who did not get to see these supposed “attacks”, he said that Webster oozed arrogance and superiority and that Ruth Summers rubbed him the wrong way.
            Naran has said far worse in these public comments about many, including myself.

          22. “..I am poor, because I have a medical condition and because of my poverty I am on MaineCare. “


             Why are you protesting what I’m writing, when it’s you typing about being on MaineCare? If you don’t want people to know, stop writing about it, Matt.

          23. Why shouldn’t he? You’ve already posted this at least 4 times, including his job and where he works. Isn’t there some rule against this? Maybe just a moral code, but I believe that any personal business is just that-personal and not your business.

          24. MLK ? 

            Ha, they would have crucified Jesus Christ, Himself, Rev. Matt. 

            Next, Sunday’s  sermon should be based on  Matt. Ch. 7 Vers. 15 thur. 23.  
            Go for it. 


          25. I don’t get it either.  Mr. Webster has done many questionable things over the past year.  Calling them out is not attacking him.  Ms. Row-Spaulding’s comments here are attacking and are certainly not conducive to actual discussion.
            It really seems as if she thinks that no one in the Maine GOP should be questioned ever.

          26. Clearly, you did not read what Matt wrote on the AMG thread yesterday. You are speculating, with no basis in fact.

            Webster may have made mistakes, but that is not what I’m addressing with Matt.

          27. “It really seems as if she thinks that no one in the Maine GOP ( Central Committee ?) should be questioned ever.”

            The GOTea Party actually… let’s be that clear, at least, here. 

            She loves HER Big Brother. 
            He has had his big “real conservative”

            But it has never really been about less government, just about how the international corporatist extremists could gain total control of ours, and use it as part of their rush to the bottom. 

            Crashing the economy is fine, if they control whatever is left.
            The classic “means of production”,
            where ever they might be.  

            Their intolerance of all of the politically impure of thought and all their anti-democracy politics and ploys are their real tracks and true colors. 
            “Follow the money.” ?  

            How sad it is that the political followers all think they will, just naturally come out on top, as if the 1% care about those that would vote against their own best interests, ever. 

            That is as foolish as the all the various 
            political “christian’s” followers being sure that their faith, their one, true, 
            denomination would, naturally, run any possible American theocracy.

            That thinking, that irrational blind faith
            is what really fascinates me about the politically delusional extremist fringes.

          28. This is the comment forum for an article in the Bangor Daily News.  Your bickering about something that appeared in different forum doesn’t belong here.

          29. You want to talk about “personal attacks”?  Go back and read what you wrote on the AMG thread, about Charlie Webster, Ruth Summers, and the Maine GOP.

            I have the entire thread copied if you need a refresher. Just send me a PM on AMG, and I’ll be happy to send you the contents.

          30. Oh, PLEASE, Naran. I read it and these ‘personal attacks’ you are dangling out there are just observations and opinions, nothing attacking at all. Stop trying to make more of it than what it is.

          31. I’m afraid I can’t say what I think of you, Mrs. Spaulding. I wish I could get Bill Maher on here, though. He could call you exactly that.

            What a horrific ambassador for a formerly ok political forum you are.

          32. “What’s with all the personal attacks Naran? I don’t get it.”

            You are not following the Party Line, Matt, so the personal attacks, that  you have been ignoring, before, faithfully following the GOP 11th Commandment,  are now be being directed at you. 
            So it goes. 

            It was once said : “When the Nazis came for the communists,I remained silent;
            I was not a communist.

            When they locked up the social democrats,
            I remained silent;
            I was not a social democrat.

            When they came for the trade unionists,
            I did not speak out;
            I was not a trade unionist.

            When they came for the Jews,
            I remained silent;
            I wasn’t a Jew.

            When they came for me,
            there was no one left to speak out.” 

            Can you relate, Matt ? 

            This extremist cabal must eliminate all opposition, first, too. 

            The solution that I found works best is to demand the same respect for being reasonable as they do for their blind faith in their political dogma and bullying. 

            Reason trumps their hysterical extremism with the silenced middle.
            It shows the Neo-Know Nothings for what they are … or rather they do it, themselves,  if you just don’t cave to their no compromise nonsense, 
            no matter how embarrassed for them you might get. 

            I’ve been at this since they came after the social democrats.

            You’re lucky.
            Their record of performance sure makes doing the right thing easier, now, doesn’t it ?

          33. ” With friends like her, we don’t need Democrats. ”
            Come on over, anytime, and let’s talk like sane people do about this.  We’ll treat you traditional Maine Republicans better than than GOTea. Party, does. Trust me, we are not like the rabid right wing extremist liars have said we are.You’ll enjoy not being classified, and being allowed to change your own mind. 

          34.  I asked myself the same question, Matt, when I read the attacks you wrote on Charlie Webster and Ruth Summers. Why do that, instead of just writing a factual report from the meeting?

          35. If fellow AMGers objected and Matt showed respect by having his posts removed, how is this ‘whining’?

          36. Ah, the clarion call for Ideological Purity. Well, maybe not. More like “get in step, Matt, or bug off.”

          37. I read the live blog
            posted on AMG and it was exactly that- a live blog. Matt McDonald gave a quick blow by
            blow of what was said and happening at the meeting. At the very end, he gave a  synopsis, which included comments about Webster and some other members at the meeting. The
            only thing he said that I remember as being negative is something
            like “Webster oozes arrogance and superiority”. Not that bad.

            Sorry, Matt, if I am stepping on your toes by putting this out there, but I feel like Naran is making it sound like an attack fest on the GOP. 

          38. I also read the live blog and your summary is completely accurate.

            Naran harassed and attacked until she forced Matt to request the blog be removed and now she is lying about it and thinks it will work because no one can read it … because of her viciousness and lack of professionalism.

          39. That is far more straight forward than the Koch Bros. approach to paying you off, isn’t it Naran ?  


          40. The GOTea bullies : “Can’t take the criticism, but you sure can dole it out.” 

            Even the outta State socialists who want us to pay for their East-West highway,  can see it.

          41. Put down your TEA and call him a RINO, now, just like Sen. Snowe, why don’t ya ? 
            Then call that good for the Party.
            Double dare you. 

            “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” … Edmund Burke

        1. “The “state committee of the Maine Republican party” doesn’t represent real Maine Republicans.” 

          If fact they call you dam RINO’s. 
          I am a life long Dem. the radical child of Union members, and I have more respect
          for traditional Maine Republicans, my good neighbors, than the GOTea Party does, now. 

          Proof; in just two words; Sen Snowe.

      1. It appears you may need to do some research. The state committee members are not appointed by Charlie Webster, nor by any previous Maine GOP chairman. The state committee is elected by county votes that send members to the state committee.

        The state GOP committee has been around for a very long time.



        Rule 3. The membership of the Maine Republican State Committee shall consist of:

        a. One committeeman and one committeewoman for each county, and in
        addition, a county shall be entitled to an additional committee member
        for every 10,000 Republican enrolled voters or portion thereof in excess
        of the first 10,000 according to the most current official figures
        available from the office of the Secretary of State on January 1 each
        even numbered year, to be elected by the state convention after
        nomination for such offices by the county caucus of each county.

        Vacancies occurring in the state committee may be filled in accordance
        with the bylaws of the State Committee. No regular paid employee of the
        Maine Republican State Committee may be a member of the State Committee.

        b. The Republican national committeeman and committeewoman upon election to those offices;

        c. The chairman of each county committee, upon election to that office;

        d. The president of the Maine Federation of Republican Women, upon election to that office;

        e. The chairman of the State Republican Finance Committee, upon
        appointment to that office by the chairman of the Republican State

        f. One appointee of a Maine Republican governor, one appointee for
        each elected Maine Republican member of Congress and one for each
        elected Maine Republican U.S. Senator. Each appointee shall serve
        contemporaneous with the term of the appointer;

        g. One representative from: the Maine Federation of Young
        Republicans, the Maine College Republicans, and the Maine Teen-age
        Republican Caucus, when said representatives are elected in accordance
        with their respective bylaws;

        h. One representative from the Maine Senate and one representative
        from the Maine House of Representatives, upon election by the caucuses
        of the Republican members of the respective bodies, such caucuses to be
        held at the time the Party leadership is elected. Vacancies shall be
        filled by the ranking Republican officer of the House or Senate, as the
        case may be.

        1.  Funny that you cite the by-laws of the Maine Republican Party, because I heard several complaints from attendees that these very same by-laws were ignored at this meeting.

          Were you at the meeting Naran? I don’t recall seeing you, but then, there were a lot of people there.

          1.  As I wrote last night, Gerald, perhaps instead of constantly nannying what the GOP does, you could go and finish designing those gazebos you’ve been working on lately.

            You remind me of a kid who’s thrown tantrums on the playground, and when the adults finally ban you from the premises, you hang around outside the fence and throw stuff.

          2. (like) ” a kid who’s thrown tantrums on the playground, and when the adults finally ban you from the premises, you hang around outside the fence and throw stuff. ”
            That is we learned from the no compromise Neo-Know Nothing, 39 %, minority conservative political approach, too. 

            Did you call them out for it , too ? 
            Got a link to that ? 
            I love to see it done. 

          3. As I said above: 

            “Their intolerance of all of the politically impure of thought 
            and all their anti-democracy politics and ploys are their real tracks 
            and true colors. ” 

          4. great point.    by laws of a political party, any political party…..are subject to whomever claims control.     They are not designed to, nor are they expected to be followed.  A political party’s objective is election and re-election……and it’s a free for all on how to get there, and if you can convince the “party” to put some money down.    If you win……especially with the repubs…….you will owe them. Ask Olympia, republicans are NOT allowed to vote their mind…….never.

        2. It appears you may need to do some research. The state committee members are not appointed by Charlie Webster, nor by any previous Maine GOP chairman. The state committee is elected by county caucuses.” 

          I am dying of laughter, here. 
          How well did the last caucus go ? 
          Who runs what ? 

          How we can trust this sort with the State government ? 

      2. That, my friend,  was a very gutsy thing to post,  and even though I’m a democrat Mr. Robertson,  I do know that you are where the Republicans need to be.  I commend you for your post. 

         And just for the hell of it,   I have always wanted the Me. State Prison on the former Loring  base…….if they escape where are they gonna run to?….there’s like 17 miles of tarmac   and then,    woods……they would never, ever know where they were.  A potato farmer would probably find them,   kick em in the butt, and ask the state if he can keep him for free labor during the harvest!!!!    

        Peace Don.

          1. Fair start, Naran, 
            But how ? That is the point of a real political discussion.The conservative extremists do sometime seem to only have false starts, that sounds good, in theory, so are hard to fault, in theory.    

            The thing is that they have  a record, now.
             One that they can’t not,  nor will not defend objectively.
            So really, all they have is lots failed false starts and a failed theory.

            Look at the economy.  
            Then watch how they hate and/or deny that it is improving. 

            I especially love how they must pretend that GW Bush never existed, 
            or their theory is toast. 

        1. Well said.
          I agree. Good on ya, Mr. Robertson. Now, he is being attacked personally for it as we have been for years, too, huh, Rusjan ?  

        2.  Its funny you say that about the potato farmers, that is what they used to do with the Germans that were being “detained” in Northern Maine. Everyday they went out to the farms and picked potatoes, then back to the “camps” for the night.

      3. In short, finally,  the arrogant, minority GOTea Party  is hearing from those that they have dismissed as just being RINO’s.  Great, and late is better than never. 

        A couple of months ago I was suggesting that the Caucuses were the place for the traditional  Maine Republicans,  (the extremist’s totally dismissed RINO’s ), to express themselves. 

        Now, we all can see how the  VOCAL Neo- Know Nothings cabal … the what  … 20% ers *
        of the  TEA “non partisan”: … but always anti Democrat, and willing to call all others RINO’s, no compromise, extremist nuts  are the Maine GOP …

        * ( may-be if 39 % – the 19% who never vote anything but GOP, so the traditional  Maine Republican core , in the way I figured it  ? ) 

        … So, now we all must see how the no compromise nuts
        ,…  who despite the record must still insist you really can cut taxes and the deficit, both,  without  closing the Kittery Shipyerd, and taking the US Navy away from its birth place, 

        … have and expect to continue to use you traditional values Maine Republicans
        in their  half baked, against everything and everyone, for nothing, but tax cuts,
        plan to … well, what exactly … besides screw up the Party, the State and Nation, 
        and  never compromise ?  

        They own the meet in secret Central Committee, now.  
        And this  secret vote says THEY  like the way caucuses were run, doesn’t  it ? 
        Do you ? 

        If they say they speak for all Republicans and no one disagreed,
        then they do speak for you all. 
        I’m glad to see that is changing, better late than never.
        So thank you, my good neighbors. 

        But you still need to do a real springing of your “big tent”, still, don’t ya .
        We all can see if you don’t and end this divisive  arrogance at the State Convention … 
        ( which you can expect to be run just like the caucuses  ) … then all you’ll be left with is holding your noses, and voting mostly “d” in the general election, 
        in defense of American democracy, and to save your  traditional Maine GOP, too,  ironically enough. 

        “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” … Edmund Burke

      4. Mr. Robertson, I have to correct you. The state committee is elected by Republican county committees. We elect one state committee man, one state committee woman, and one at-large committee person. This is done at county Republican meetings–not at the caucus. Since you are a life-long Republican, I urge you to be heard by joining your local town committee, where you can be elected to voting membership on the county committee. County committee meetings are open to any Republican resident, although you do have to be elected to represent your town in order to vote on issues. This is not hard to do in most towns. In my town, we draft people, then call them up to let them know the happy news–we always want more participation!
        Charlie Webster is not perfect, but it is true that he has done great things for recruiting candidates to run for office. I believe that this election Republicans will be fielding candidates in all the legislative races. This, as I understand it, has not happened for a long time. I happen to think he was wrong on the same day registration issue, and I think the caucus was mishandled. I don’t believe it was done deliberately. 
        Voices such as yours should be heard in the Republican party. The best way to do that is to get involved in your local town and county committee in addition to voicing your opinion in public forums.

      5.  Question for you, what do you do when your party as a whole goes in a direction you dis approve of. You are a republican, it is the party that has left what you consider republicanism behind. So the Republican party sets the standards of what it is to be a republican, now you didn’t like what Republican stands for… what do you call yourself? I’m curious because I am sure there is some great name you could use like Lincoln-icans, or Republi-Reagans. You know something to reflect the 19th and 20th century thinking of the old school republicans.

    3. The state GOP committee meeting being behind “closed doors” is nothing new. The Maine GOP is a private organization, and has the right to admit, or decline admittance to anyone it prefers.

      The same goes for the Democrats.

      1. It may be legal, but at the same time it might not be a good idea. The good old days of party loyalists following instructions from the Central Committee meeting in secret is straight out of the last century.

    4. Better do it quick before they propse a law saying you can’t change your affiliation unless you are Democrat or Independent turning Republican!!!

          1. Nah, you need not be a psychic, just being  smaart and forward thinking is good enough. 

            Once you get a good fix on how right wingnuts have no plans that they can talk about publicly, the trajectory of all their anti-democracy  policies  become fairly obvious, I’d say.

    5. I couldn’t agree more. I made the same decision from the other side of the aisle several years ago. Both major parties have been completely hijacked by corporate interests, and the welfare of the common man has been left by the roadside.

    6. Don’t hold back,,,,,please express yourself.  Behind closed doors is often  the only way to handle unrest as you don’t want the entire world to be exposed to your dirty laundry. Maine should be thankful that the GOP took control of both houses of the legislature and the Blaine house since 1966. Don’t  give up on the party as it takes years to clean up all the messes them Dems have caused over the last 40 years. Time  for you to step up and become a player. your voice counts and you can be the difference in making Maine a better place in which to live!

    1. And to think I used to laugh at the Ds when they would line up behind a leader taking them nowhere.

      1. Matt McDonald told me and Eric Russell that Scott Fish, the owner of As Maine Goes, asked him to live blog from this meeting. You are the temporary moderator of As Maine Goes while Fish is employed by the Legislature.

        I’ll post what links I want – I don’t need any clearance from you, to be sure – but I do suggest that you speak to the owner of As Maine Goes to get your message straight.

        1. You sound like a third-grader. “Matt told me,” etc.

           I am well aware that Scott gave Matt the go-ahead to put the thread on AMG. Neither Scott nor I gave you permission to post links on here on our behalf.

          If you want to post spam, do it for your own site. I’m sure you can use the hits.

          1.  Oh, come on, Gerald. Who would you and your pals pick on, if I wasn’t around? Admit it – I’m your fave conservative target – the reason being, I’m not  fooled by your pretentious pratings and verbal lollipopping.

          2. Sounds just like you. 

            So do you think the Golden Rule has a  reciprocity component , 
            or that because you are reactionary, you need only be reactive relative 
            to how your politics and ways  should be respected without any effort on 
            your part to respect others ? 

          3. “It’s seems like she on some type of crusade. ”

            Well, the Dominionist demon hunters and prayer warriors,
            like Sarha Palin,  usually call it a “cleansing”, I think.  

            But what is in a word ?  
            It’s by fruits that they bare that really tells their tale, anyway, isn’t it, Rev. Matt  ?

          4. That’s what get for quoting the Bible to a Preacher ? 

            Aren’t you late your  Alateen meeting ?  

          5.  You have now been completed censored at the site Naran moderates and the entire live blog thread has been “disappeared”.

             That will teach you to try to speak truth to power.

          6. “Sturdy distaste.” That’s a great line, could easily escalate to “heroic resistance,” or maybe go the other way into “frantic denial.”

          7. “Wow, what’s with all the hate here?”

            It is something to with the new company that has come calling,
            and what they have dragged in, I’d guess.

          8. Why haven’t you posted:

            ” I am well aware that Scott gave Matt the go-ahead to put the thread on AMG.”

            At As Maine Goes? Why are you letting others attack Matt for live blogging from the Maine GOP meeting without explaining that Scott gave him permission to do so? It began with comment #9:

            Matt, Is this State Committee meeting open to the public? If not, should you be live blogging from there?


            And then went from there.

            You Naran, as the moderator, did nothing to stop it by explaining that Matt had the “go-ahead” to post the live blog.. You let others attack him personally. You left your live blogger out to dry.

            Why, Naran?

          9. I wish you would make those public, Gerald. I would like to see what the twat is so afraid of.

          10.  Go ahead, Gerald – post the entire thread contents on here, so that everyone can see it. Won’t bother me one bit, because it clearly shows that Matt started the whole situation, and then ran away when other AMG members started debating him on the statements he’d made.

            Matt will not thank you for it, but it won’t bother me.

          11. Why are you so nasty? Every post of yours that I read stank of a ‘holier-than-thou’ stench. Berating, belittling, condescending…. do you have some kind of personal relationship with Charlie Webster or the MEGOP that you need to defend in the way that you do? You make the democRATS look like saints.

          12. Come on, Naran, you post links to AMG all of the time. I usually ignore them, but this thread was pretty good. Why did you delete it? You’ve allowed some pretty distasteful stuff to get by.  Matt even had prior consent from Scott Fish to post his live blog. What’s up?

      2.  “Hey – post spam for your own site, not ours. ”
        Are you confused about where you are, now, you poor misunderstood thing ? 

    1. Imagine that

      The live blog thread by Matt McDonald is now no longer available.

      The party of free speech, transparency, etc., just had had enough when it came to criticism of the chair of the Maine GOP, Charlie Webster.

      I’m sure Naran will provide some BS as to why they had to pull Matt’s thread – people had attacked him, for example.

      If it’s okay with Naran – I don’t want to step on any toes – I’ll ask Matt if he thinks the thread should be pulled.

      1. Thanks for letting us know about it earlier on. One of AMG’s more interesting threads. I wish I had thought to make a screen grab before the moderator made it go

          1. See Naran, this is precisely why I go by a fake name. Why in the world would you post where a person works or what kind of insurance he or she has?

          2. I didn’t. Matt did that, himself. He posts under his real name, and Google isn’t exclusive to my access. He posted his profession himself, on AMG.

            Stop making stuff up and pretending to be all horrified.

            If you want to post comments anonymously, who cares? I certainly don’t care who you are.

          3. I couldn’t care less what your name is. As I do with all cowardly anonymous posters, I assume you’re communicating from your mother’s basement somewhere in Latvia. As I recall, the building houses a noodle shop.

          4. If you have to type “lol” to indicate humor, than it wasn’t funny to begin with. 

          5. It is worse than that. If you follow her link to the comment on AMG where Matt tells why he asked his post be removed,  HER vile personal attacks withing the replies to him is one of the main reasons.

            This entire episode has exposed a very sick side of the AMG moderator.  I hope the owner of that site takes notice and fires her.   Her slimy behavior is reflecting very poorly on him.

          6. There are at least 13 “Matthew McDonalds” in the state of Maine.

            You can pretend you’re not trying to ruin his life, Hagatha, but the fact is you have put out his place of employment and his identity along with information which is confidential if true and, simply none of anyone’s business.

            What a vile individual you have presented yourself as.

            You are taking a once-decent forum down to your pathetic, gutter level.

            And your snotty retort “It’s invitation only” is idiotic. There are thousands of us who read As Maine Goes. And there are many of us who have bought stuff from the site.

            Past tense both.

          7. Again, if you have to tell others something you say is funny by ending with a “lol”, it’s not funny. It’s like a comedian laughing at his own joke.

          8. Well, I do so it so some people with no sense of humor 
            know not to take that post, too, seriously and demand 
            that I must defend it.  

            k ? 

          9. “Matt McDonald, pastor at …. ”
            You are small, vernal and sick person, Ms. Row-Spaulding, But thanks, I’d like to hear next Sunday’s sermon, after all this. 

      2.  Matt himself asked that it be removed, because he wasn’t happy about his insurance situation being addressed on the public forum.

        Gerald’s “house of flat pancakes,” brought to you by the Empty Guessing Games Department of Dirigo Blew.

        1.  That is a lie.

           He clearly states that he did so because of the shoddy moderating allowing vile personal attacks.

          Hmmm. I wonder who that guilty moderator is who caused this?

          1. I expect that the comment Matt made telling why he asked for his post to be removed will also now be “disappeared” by Naran so she can spread lies about that too.

            Please note that he specifically says he has been a member of AMG for 5 years and never saw any personal attacks like this allowed AND had especially never seen them coming straight from the site moderator as they did in this case (Naran is the AMG moderator).

            Nara harassed and verbally assaulted him until he took his post down, has been posting personal information he did not want divulged on this forum and is now spreading lies about it and gloating.

          2. BS.

            If you ever decide to resume working, you have a dandy future as a bad fiction writer.

            The fact that your new pal Matt McDonald doesn’t correct you is proof that like you, he lacks integrity.

            He knows what you’re writing is bogus.

          3. Never met Matt, but I did read his entire comment that you referenced not just the out of content snippet you used. He clearly called YOU out for your unprofessional attacks while pretending to actually be a “moderator”.

            I expect you will now force a change to want was posted, AGAIN, to try to cover your tracks.

          4.  Do you beleive everything you read that someone else writes? It didn’t go down that way.

          5. Right. So Naran quotes out of context snippets of what Matt wrote and claims it as “truth” but when his whole post is referenced it suddenly is no longer the truth.

            Your desperation is showing.

            Got an explanation for why she posted personal information about him here that he had specifically said he didn’t want discussed?

          6.  You keep misrepresenting the facts.  A casual perusal of this page alone will show you that it’s Matt writing information about his own situation.  Then he whines about the publicity.

            Heat and Kitchens.

      3.  Why don’t you just stay over at your own site and clean up some of the liberal comments that bore the sox off everyone unlucky enough to hit the place?

    2. Thanks for the link. The narrative is very telling.

      Webster is sinking Republican chances in November and leadership seems oblivious to it.

      1.  I can’t believe Naran censored the live blog and took it down!

        I wish I had downloaded it. I would report the best bits if I had them!

          1. Naran, why do you care what my medical or insurance status is? Are you trying to shame me? Are you trying to make it look like you are better than me? I don’t get it? 

            I have no fear of you or your words, therefore you can’t shame me. 

            Good for you, you tried to shame a minister. 

          2. Stop whining and start listening, Matt.

            You could have simply written a factual account of the GOP committee meeting, but instead, you chose to  post personal attacks on the Maine GOP, Charlie Webster, and Ruth Summers. Perhaps you thought you could do that with no recourse from others. It may be you’re too used to the pulpit, which is a one-way venue.

            You cannot expect to write unfounded, public attacks on other people, on a public forum, without consequences. Those reading your posts are not sitting in a pew, powerless to respond to your “sermons.”

            You chose to write the information about your MaineCare coverage on AMG, not me. You had no obligation to post the information. That was your choice.

            You then asked for the thread to be deleted. Admit the truth.

            Why are you so worried about the MaineCare information being public, now? Is it because you know that for conservatives, taking government benefits is a no-no?

          3. I suggest that any self-respecting human being would stay far, far away from Naran and her control issues and her GOP organ, As Maine Goes.

          4. Avoid her GOP organ ? 

            Okay, got it. 
            We should treat her like we do Anne Coulter, or Rush Limburger,  then. 
            There is, indeed,  no need for any more nasty surprises.

          5. “Stop whining and start listening, Matt.” 

            She thinks she owns whining, too. I’ll give here that much … here, at least.  

          6. Naran gets some sick sort of pleasure out of posting personal information online. She even went so far as to post  addresses complete with pictures of houses in her neighborhood that were going through foreclosure on AMG. She will probably say she is trying to help  them, somehow.
            That is one reason I am glad I go by a fake name.  I don’t need her Googling my name to try to come up with some snarky comment. 

          7.  Your comments are false and misleading. I did not post “addresses complete with pictures” of any houses in Kennebunk on any portion of AMG.

            What I posted was a link to, a public real estate site, accessible to anyone.

            The reason I posted a link to the real estate site is to prove that high taxes are having an effect on homeowners, even here on the “Gold Coast” of Maine.

            You really should stop lying.

          8.  Not — look at the link you posted. It shows a bunch of words, no pictures. How can you argue this?

          9. I gave a link to AMG. You have to click on the link that Naran gives under the heading “This Weeks Foreclosure Lists”.

          10. Did you post ” He won’t want it shared, because it reveals that he’s on MaineCare.” , then ?

          11. I knew you would have some sort of reason for posting info on AMG about your neighbors.   Could you have possibly made that same conclusion, that “high taxes are having an effect on homeowners”, without posting the actual addresses and pictures of the homes?

            Lots of things are available on the internet and accessible to anyone. Many people would not appreciate knowing that the fact that their house was foreclosed on was posted on a pretty well known conservative readers forum.

          12.  Yes, she searched out my website to find personal information about me, and posted it on AMG for others to read.  She was mad because I’d sent her an email and was very direct with her about her following my posts around.  I alluded to boiled rabbits, because of her behavior.   She tried to make it sound like *I* was off my rocker for making the comment, but it appears that the mirror is rather cracked in her glass house.

          13. Erin, you need to stop lying. I could post the emails from you on here, but because I don’t want to encourage your obsessive behavior, I won’t do so.

            You need to get over being defeated at the polls on the school issue. It’s done, and it’s not coming back for another try.

            Don’t you have something more productive to do than feeding the fetish?

          14.  I have the emails, too, Naran.  And if you want to ‘out’ me, make sure you don’t edit anything out of them, because remember:  I’m the one who contacted you directly, so I’ve got the originals.  :)

            Don’t you have a personal vendetta to hash out here with someone you should have discussed privately?

          15.  You misunderstand. I do not care about your insurance or medical situation. I did not bring up that issue on AMG, and as I wrote to you on the thread in question, you were under no obligation to answer the question that was posed to you by another member regarding such issues.

            You made the choice to post the information, not me.

          16. Grow up? Try saying that to the one who is revealing others’ personal information.

            Talk about witching …

          17. Naran Row-Spaulding, did you say, here, ‘He won’t want it shared, because”, yada,yada, yada ? 

            But oh dear, now, you are misunderstood and you must be feeling so disrespected.  How sad is that ? 

            And I sure hope that you continue to get all the sympathy and respect due to you, you poor misunderstood thing.

          18.  Hey, simple is as simple does.

            You’d make somebody a nice bookend, except they’d be missing a part.

          19. “Naran, why do you care what my medical or insurance status is?” 

            It is a group think, thing, Rev. Matt. 

            It is definitely an attempt at defaming you among the politically doctrinaire ,  
            unless, of course, it were something even more personal and malicious on her part, 
            at least IMHO.  

            It is just the beginning of what we can expect from the increasingly desperate right wing extremist fringe.   

            I’m into encouraging it, generally, so people see their true colors, but it could get real ugly.
            In this case, though,  Rev. it just goes to show how wrong they are about who benefits from what they would chop.

          20. You misunderstand. I do not care about your insurance or medical
            situation. I did not bring up that issue on AMG, and as I wrote to you on the thread in question, you were under no obligation to answer the question that was posed to you by another member regarding such issues.

            You made the choice to post the information, not me.

          21.  Oh, man, got a string for the little violin? Come one…. you wrote the thread. Man up, already.

          22. So, earlier on, you say he had it deleted because some other AMGers objected to the live blog. Now, it is because the thread reveals that he is on MaineCare. What next? He wanted it removed because he admits to being a serial killer in the thread? 

            I’m pretty sure that if he wanted the part of the thread that referred to his insurance status to be removed, and leave the rest, he could have.  It sounds more plausible that he had the thread deleted out of consideration of other members.

          23. If that’s true, then I hope every person who reads As Maine Goes becomes aware of it and the fact that you are willing to make VERY public a fact that one of your members asked you to remove the thread for.

            If it’s not true, then you are acting as you always do. Snakishly.

            Actually, either way, it’s snakish.

          24. “He won’t want it shared, because it reveals that he’s on MaineCare.” 

            Oh my, that is really caring ! It is some real professionalism and human decency on your part,  Naran Row-Spaulding, 
            Ain’t it just ? 
            If anyone didn’t have your number before, they do now.   
            What kind of a hacket job, is that ? 
            Are you proud of yourself now, Missy ?

            But what is the  real dish between you two, that you’d be that way ? 
            You can tell just me.  


          25. Oh, and re: “at somebody who cares.”

            You cared enough to post that.  
            Why ?  
            Exactly what had enough appeal  to get that excellent informative reply, M’am ?

          26. That is what I should have posted to Ms. Row-Spaulding, 
            if I were a grammar school bully. 

          27.  I didn’t look for you here.  Your nonsensical behavior was pointed out to me by someone, and I thought I’d come see the train wreck.  Boy, you really do it up when you’ve got nowhere but corner to back into, eh?

            I don’t harass my neighbors.  Why don’t you stop prompting them to spread misinformation, and stirring the pot to get them to withdraw from the district?  There are *many* people who are aware of your actions, Ms. Not From Arundel.   It’s why you’re all so surprised at our ability to mobilize.  :)

        1.  I did not “take down” the thread in question. Matt McDonald requested that it be removed.

          Just another instance where  you think you know everything, and in fact, you know nothing.

          1. Bull

            You’re “non partisan” blog is outed.

            You are just lackeys of the Republican establishment!!!!

          2.  … and he clearly states that he did so because of the shoddy moderating allowing vile personal attacks.

            Hmmm. I wonder who that guilty moderator is who caused this?

          3.  The person who requested the thread be taken down is ‘out to lunch’?  How so?  Had he not thought that you do an inferior job of moderating, perhaps he wouldn’t have made the request.

          4.   … and he clearly states that he did so because of the shoddy moderating allowing vile personal attacks.

            Hmmm. I wonder who that guilty moderator is who caused this?

  7. Do you really think Charlie Boy was going to be ousted from his position? 
    Does this mean if we commit fraud it will be OK too?

    1. No committing fraud and getting away with it is reserved for politicians at state and fed level.
      Just ask Charlie Wrangle

      1. Figures, I actually have to run for office….I will probably have to show my ID everywhere I go…..

    2. It is fairly obvious that the parasite Tea Party has taken full control of the Republican Party in Maine.

      1. I think that Charlie Webster represents the mainline Republican party in Maine, a Romney supporter. That puts him more in line with Charlie Summers than with the Tea Party/Ron Paul followers. They are the ones who have the enthusiasm to actually show up at a caucus on a snowy day with slippery roads, and so the party had to figure out a way to make sure that the results came out for Romney. The weather allowed them the excuse of cancelling caucuses where they could see the vote going against them, and voila! Republican-style democracy in action!
        Tampering with elections has been a common theme in elections. From Florida 2000 to Ohio 2004, the Brown/Coakley election in Mass, to the attempt to restrict voting all across the country in the name of eliminating insignificant voter fraud. Remember Charlie Summers’ grand inquisition into Maine voter fraud last year, which yielded…nothing. 
        However peculiar the Tea Party and Ron Paul supporters might be, they are an insurgency that depends on counting the votes.

        1. The big money is playing both angles. It really depends on their mood at the moment. I believe that the Koch brothers and their allies are funding MHPC/ALEC and the Tea Party.

          1. Yeah, I think that Wall Street money like Goldman Sachs has money on both horses. The Koch brothers and their ilk do seem to be the money behind the Tea Party.

  8. Looks like Harvel`s backside kissing tour went on after the “meeting” as well. The meeting was a joke, noone was alowed to speak that had a beef with Charlie without his holier then our atitude, good luck winning in November without us wingnuts GOP.

  9.  Best wishes for this iconic  match.  A  torrid liaison  of star crossed dis function and mendacity.  A  Haley’s Comet of  mutual attraction to light up the night sky.

  10. I was hoping he would get kicked to the curb after his latest stunt.

    The fact that he wasn’t, kinda says it all .

    Come November, Maine will Remember

    Obama 2012

    1. “Come November, Maine will Remember”

      I think that it is only proper politics to make sure no one forgets.

  11. “The synopsis differed depending on who spoke.”
    That sure sounds typical of a republican gaggle to me.

  12. Either he is incompetent, which mandates he needs to go or he is dishonest, which mandates he needs to go.  Either way he needs to go.

  13. Sounds to me like Webster models himself in the mold of a Trumka rather than a Jefferson. Unfortunately, it’s a problem most of us Republicans have. The GOP is run by union leader-wanna-be thugs.

  14. Rethuglicans and Voter Fraud go hand in hand. Iowa, Florida and Maine to name a few states  FIXED by Republican voter fraud.

  15. This isn’t going away Charlie; you should have resigned. That’s okay, because the GOP can say goodbye to the vote of nearly EVERY Ron Paul supporter this November if he’s not on the ticket. 4 more years of Obama courtesy of the GOP elites.

  16. I was drawn here by a link,  and I post due to disbelief.    How could Webster still hold position?  What is going on here?    Simply to repeat descriptions I’ve read, he is a bully, corrupt, disenfranchises voters, fraudulently tampers with the vote, and by all accounts is a man lacking in integrity and honesty, a Romney operative.   As long as those who put these kinds of people in position have power, this country is doomed. 
    When those known for corruption lead the party,  corruption will continue to prevail.  It will destroy us if good people don’t step up and stop it.   
    What you can say about Ron Paul and his supporters is that they are honest, fair, and reported accurate results even if those results didn’t favor Paul.  They do not seek power for the sake of power.  He and they seek that power to set this country back on a path of integrity and respect for the Constitution and the will of the people.   I do hope we are so fortunate as to have a Ron Paul Presidency.  And, for the sake of the GOP, I hope that his supporters take over the party.   It’s the only way to save this nation.

    BTW, just to show you how deep and wide the vote and election fraud goes, the AP announced the results and winner in Nevada and Maine 2 days in advance of the caucuses.  RIGGED !   Then, the GOP chairmen had to make the real results match.     
      Tonight, RON PAUL WON the Virgin Islands Primary.    He took 6 confirmed delegates.   I guess the AP didn’t get the memo.  The AP announced Romney the winner, gave the wrong delegate totals, and spread it like wildfire across the media, with CBS and ABC reporting the inaccurate results first.  LOL
    I guess whoever was supposed to rig the vote didn’t show up. 
    Here is a thread link showing that Ron Paul has been winning most of the contests, and Romney has been rejected over and over again.  Using compter algorithms, it is now proven that Ron Paul’s votes are being flipped to Romney in every contest that has been checked this way.    Romney is also siphoning votes off of the other two candidates.

  17. Matt couldn’t take the heat, so he ran bawling from the kitchen at AMG. He could dish out the criticism, but couldn’t take it in return, so now he shows up here to continue whining. Come on, Matt, giving a high five to a wing-nut that accuses Webster of felony vote fraud shows just how unhinged you are…. 

    1.   He clearly stated that he did so because of the shoddy moderating allowing vile personal attacks.

      The same person posting the most vile personal attacks here moderates AMG. She did not want his post to stay so she saw to it that leaving it up would cause him harm.

    2. You got it, Truth. Mugging for the cameras and then writing critical stuff and then whining. What a guy.

  18.  I think the GOP will regret not replacing the party leadership now while there is still time. Once the 2012 elections get into full swing the mismanagement at the top of the party  will cause even more problems. 

  19. Headline should read—

    State committee votes to keep Maine GOP chairman Charlie Webster in place in order to hide the vans in 2012.

  20. It sounds like Webster needs to grow a patch mustache like the fellow form the 40’s he’s trying so hard to emulate.

  21. I sometimes wonder if  Charlie Webster ever stopped being a Democrat and has positioned himself as a Manchurian candidate to destroy the Maine Republican Party. 
    He is the gift that keeps on giving to Democrats…

  22. A “rude, condescending , big-mouthed bully”? Sounds like he’s right where he belongs as titular head of the Maine GOP.

    1. Sort-of-like the John Martin, Bill Diamond, Mary Cathcart, spendthrift bullies from across the aisle?

  23. Webster, LePage, Poliquin, Summers, Mayhew  and the rest of the crew are the best thing that has happened to the Democratic party in a long time. They truly are the gift that keeps on giving. Keep up the good work! 

    1.  I’m sure you can’t wait to get back to having the Violette’s and McCormick’s back in charge wasting tax payer money like a welfare cheat on an Allen’s coffee Brandy bender, but the voters have seen the vile underbelly of 35 years of Dem reign in Maine and they’re having no more of it.

        1.  I can understand why you would change the subject concerning those twin thieving Dem hacks Violette and McCormick.

  24. If the posters on this article are representative of the population of  Maine, it looks like a good number of registered Republicans are seriously considering unregistering and going unenrolled.  Good job, Maine GOP.

  25. Another great decision by the state GOP!  Glad I unenrolled.  I would be ashamed to follow this fellow!

  26. I am a Republican, and I can tell you that I am taking names, to be sure that I don’t accidentally vote for anyone who rallied behind Charlie Webster rather than behind the better interests of Republicans in Maine. I predict that the Maine GOP will do very badly in November and the fault will lie with the state leadership of the party.

    1.  Oh, wow – taking down names, how American of you. Don’t forget the license plates too.

  27. Mister Webster is an incompetent clown, that’s all there is to it. The “recount” siphoned more votes to their establishment champion hack Mallard Mittens Obamney. It’s all over the country, votes being discarded, taken away, hacked/rigged… can’t we have an honest count, or is that the greatest impossible task of the 21st century?

    And… er… gee, that’s… a lot of hate from Maine people between themselves in the comments section… o_o;

  28. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s not just a crooked GOP insider. He’s incompetent. That should be enough to oust him. 

  29. I’m so excited – the anachronistic Republican Party is publicly falling apart at the seams and this move by the State GOP only illustrates the lack of connection the party has with voters and the inability of the party to focus on anything of true importance. Yes it is the 21st century my conservative friends; it’s time to join it. I can only hope the House goes Democratic again – with the Presidency and Senate “in the fold” perhaps the country can once again move forward and become a truly progressive nation once again with a renewed move to the left.

  30. The Maine Republican Party can’t find anyone better?  Or the Romney people think he is the best guy to rig the primary votes in favor of their guy?

  31. The only thing which might have saved the Maine GOP would have been to fire Webster. How many people have said, “I’ve been a republican for (20, 30, 40, 50) years and because of the unmitigated arrogance of Webster and his cronies and their outrageous behavior during the caucus, I never will vote republican again”? They will pay for it in the next election, and all of the GOP gains that many of us cheered will be lost. This little clique of smug bullies sure lost my vote.  Obnoxious, crass, rude and stupid. With enemies within the party like this, who needs democrats?

    1.  You’re not including all the people who are so pleased with what the Governor and Charlie Webster are doing that they’re getting more involved in the R party, or joining the party.

  32. Tyke –  So, according to you, just because someone makes an assertion, you believe them — as long, of course, as that person opposes what I’M saying.

    This is your “standard” for veracity?

    Got it.

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