OLD TOWN, Maine — A Brewer man was charged in connection with a wild ride through Regency Trailer Park on Sunday night that resulted in a close call for a local family and several thousands of dollars in property damage.

Brandon Porter, 26, initially was charged with driving to endanger, Old Town police Sgt. Mike Hashey said Tuesday. Other charges, including leaving the scene of a property damage accident, are being considered, Hashey said.

The episode that led to the charge was reported about 8 p.m. by residents of the trailer park who said that a dark-colored SUV was “completely out of control” there.

The suspect SUV was seen speeding along on Martha’s Way, hitting a parked car, tearing up lawns — and then narrowly missing a family of three who were outside preparing to get into their own vehicle.

“They saw him coming,” Hashey said of the family. “The dad grabbed the kid and ran for safety and the mother ran for safety. Then he swerved back onto the road and left the scene.”

Tire tracks at the trailer park indicated that the SUV left the roadway at least three times.

During his ride back home to Brewer, Porter was the subject of several complaints from fellow motorists in Veazie and Brewer, Hashey said. Porter reportedly broke the speed limit, was all over the road and ran red lights but police in the area were not in position to pull him over.

One of the people who called emergency dispatchers was the woman he narrowly missed in the trailer park. She had left Old Town for Bangor after the incident and happened to spot him in Veazie, Hashey said.

Hashey said people who were visiting the trailer park when the incident happened were able to provide enough information — including Porter’s first name — to enable area police to determine his likely identity.

When Brewer police caught up with Porter at his home, they noted he had been drinking but said that he didn’t start doing so until he arrived home, Hashey said.

Hashey said that damage to Porter’s SUV matched damage found on the parked car he apparently struck in Old Town. He estimated that Porter’s SUV and the car he struck had a combined $1,500 in damage and that the lawns he tore up had a couple thousand more dollars in damage.