Ron Paul can save us

Anyone who has read James Perloff’s superb book “The Shadows of Power” knows that the well-entrenched Council on Foreign Relations seeks to subvert the United States into a socialist and tyrannical world government. Since most presidential candidates (both winners and losers) are either members of this elite group or have advisers who are, there is little reason to believe that the kind of real change needed in our nation will be made by either the Democrat or the Republican winner in 2012. But there is an exception this year.

As we watch Mr. Obama’s assault on religious liberty and other portions of the Constitution, there is one candidate who stands apart from the CFR’s tight grip on presidential politics. During 15 terms in Congress, Ron Paul has demonstrated an unmatched commitment to the Constitution that has always included his campaigns against the Federal Reserve and for the return to sound money.

When commentator Paul Harvey retired several years ago, he said, “Goodbye America! You were great while you lasted.” The chance to keep America as a free country exists and Ron Paul is the man who has pledged to do it.

Robert Bruce Acheson


North Woods is tops

According to Field and Stream magazine, one of the six best wild places in the country happens to be Maine’s North Woods. Maine is the only state east of the Mississippi that is mentioned. Other states include Alaska and Colorado, to mention a couple. If a strict alphabetical order had been followed, Alaska would have been placed at the top of the list of the best wild places.

As it turns out, it is Maine’s North Woods that has been placed at the top of the list. There is something about these North Woods that attracts the attention of nature lovers. While the creation of jobs, especially good-paying jobs, is very important, so is the protection of the environment.

These two, the creation of jobs and the protection of the environment, should not be made to go against each other. They are both important. Maine’s North Woods should not suffer environmental degradation in the name of job creation.

Irwin Dube


Highway has potential

Last week the Maine Senate finally passed the resolve directing the Department of Transportation to oversee an unbiased, investment-grade study of a toll highway running across Maine from Calais to Coburn Gore known as the east-west highway. The governor is expected to sign the bill sometime in the coming week. I sponsored this bill and have worked hard to get it passed because I believe it will be good for the economy of this area, not because I own land to sell for the right of way or any other personal gain, as some have tried to claim.

This highway will reduce transportation costs for customers of Maine products in the midwest and western United States as well as Canada. It’s hundreds of miles closer for us to Detroit by way of Central Canada. We’ll get more tourists from our neighbors on three sides of Maine in Canada if the roads to get here are better.

It has been said that the biggest user will be Canadian trucks; if that’s true they’ll be paying most of the tolls. There have been concerns expressed about the taking of private property, but most of the landowners on the route want this road to be built and are willing to allow such a use. The plan is to use existing logging roads and other old rights of way to minimize those and environmental concerns. The benefits of this project will far outweigh the costs.

Sen. Doug Thomas


GOP and humor

I can see why the Republican party is in such a disarray. All one needs to do is read a few letters to the editor in various papers and you can see.

I’ve read Obama is a Muslim and at the same time criticized for being a member of Rev. Wright’s church for a number of years. He has been criticized for prosecuting the underwear bomber in U.S. court instead of a military court, yet Bush did the same exact same thing with the shoe bomber.

Obama apologizes to Afghans for burning Koran and is weak, yet Bush did the same to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for shooting the Koran as target practice; no mention of weakness there.

I have not seen increases in taxes, guns being taken, Nazi concentration camps or death panels for Obamacare. Obama’s Civilian Army hasn’t been formed, Massachusetts residents have not revolted over their hated health care, Donald Trump has not found that Obama was not born in the U.S. and the economy has not gotten worse.

Maybe Rick Santorum had something in mind when he criticized President Obama for wanting U.S. citizens to become more educated. The papers sure would be humorless with more educated people writing letters.

Verne Flood


Secret votes would help

Being well into my twilight years as I am, I have much I can reflect upon politically and otherwise. Recently I have been doing a lot of thinking about the political mess this country is in, what with all the partisan discord and the extremes the Republican Party will go to in order to prevent the reelection of a Democratic president who, seemingly, is hell bent for the average person, man, woman or child.

In looking back over the years, I can remember no other time in my life when there has been such debilitating tension.

Well, it occurs to me that the troubles we are presently having all come about as a result of the influence big money has these days through super-PACs and big corporations that don’t pay taxes and giant oil companies that get government subsidies while making enormous profits, etc.

It seems to me the root cause of the conundrum to which I refer is identified every Saturday in every major newspaper in this country when, in the national news section, the manner in which every senator and congressman voted during that week on this or that bill is reported in open forum for all the biggies to peruse and determine if those they have given their money to will ever get their money again.

Sometimes the most complex problems have the simplest solutions: do away with open voting and go to a secret ballot.

Phil Tobin