God’s plan

In response to the letter “ Gay, period” by Nancy Rotkowitz (BDN, April 16), who says to preach what the Bible and Jesus stand for, maybe the word homosexual does not appear in the Bible, but scripture makes it clear that it’s not accepted in God’s plan of things. Read Leviticus 18-22, Leviticus 20-13, Romans 1-26-27. It is an abomination to God.

Any country, nation or people that justifies this as an acceptable lifestyle is in the final stages of moral corruption.

Vote against same-gender marriage. Thousands of Maine families, consisting of husband/wife, mother/father, are counting on you.

Gloria Boynton


Women 2012

I write in response to Democrat Hannah Pingree’s OpEd (“What’s at stake for women this election?” April 20) attacking Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Citing polls, Ms. Pingree claims that “women don’t trust Romney to stand up for them.” I wonder though how grateful married women are for the extensive leisure time (i.e., unemployment) their husbands have enjoyed under President Obama’s counterproductive economic policies.

The slaughter of jobs for men (and, later, women) was a prominent feature of the Obama administration’s first two years. Normally, such a low starting base makes significant employment gains easy. Not this time. We have had the weakest economic recovery in our post-war history — for women and for men.

Ms. Pingree thinks women should thank Mr. Obama for 1.2 million new jobs held by women over two years. But consider: over one year (2002, when we also were exiting a slump), we gained over 3.6 million jobs for women — a 200 percent besting of our recent two-year performance (source: Department of Labor). In a normal recovery, Ms. Pingree’s cited 1.2 million new jobs for women would be derided as an embarrassing bust.

Political activists are nothing if not creative (especially when “spinning” data). Perhaps such tricks will win Mr. Obama re-election. But I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. I keep thinking about all those unemployed husbands (and wives). They, and their spouses, may well conclude that Mr. Romney will strongly outperform Mr. Obama’s jobs record, and vote accordingly. After all, every other president in our post-war history has managed to do so.

Michael R. Montgomery

School of Economics

University of Maine


Something fishy

On a trip to east Dover on Thursday last week with my two daughters, we saw fish-stocking trucks, stocking federally endangered atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) into the Piscataquis River. Here lies my issue: while stocking the endangered fish, there were seven people fishing in the river, catching and mortally wounding or outright killing the fish.

These fish are easy to catch at this time of the year, as they are smolts in the six- to 12-inch range and are aggressively feeding on their trip to the ocean, while they are under constant attack from osprey, eagle, otter, cormorant, bass, pickerel and stripers, to name a few predators they encounter. Within weeks or days prior to or after stocking, the brook trout will be stocked and they will advertise for people to take their kids to catch a trout in east Dover. Then these fish are caught by the hundreds. My question to the people of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife and NOHA: why isn’t the whole Penobscot River watershed closed to fishing as it is below the Veazie Dam to the pipeline in Eddington? At the last salmon season on the Penobscot River, we had catch-and-release fly fishing only with barbless hooks and I haven’t heard of a single fish that died during that season. It doesn’t seem right for a government agency to list a species endangered, then only enforce it in a certain area.

Andrew Lugdon


Ted Nugent comments

Somehow it doesn’t surprise me regarding the political correctness of Bangor City Councilors Longo and Baldacci with their desire to protect the citizens from those who take their constitutional right to the limit. Granted, Mr. Nugent was crude and suggestive, but was within his right to express himself, as the two Secret Service agents concluded.

With logic like this, we still be under a monarchy.

David Melochick