CARIBOU, Maine — The former chief of the Caribou Fire and Ambulance Department was indicted by the Aroostook County grand jury on several sex charges on Friday.

Aroostook County District Attorney Todd Collins said Monday that he cannot divulge much information about the charges against Roy E. Woods, 67, of Caribou, who was indicted on three counts of unlawful sexual contact that involved penetration, one count of unlawful sexual touching and three counts of assault.

“There are two victims in the case,” Collins said Monday. “He has not been arrested. We do not believe he is a flight risk. Arrangements are being made for his arraignment on the charges.”

Court documents stated that Woods was indicted on three counts of unlawful sexual contact with the first victim, who is identified in court documents only by her initials. The Bangor Daily News typically does not identify victims and is not publishing the initials.

The indictment charged that Woods twice had unlawful sexual contact with the first victim on or about Aug. 1, 2009, and once on or about Jan. 1, 2010. The indictment states that Woods subjected the woman to sexual contact to which the victim “had not expressly or impliedly acquiesced.”

Woods also was charged with one count of assault with the same victim on each of the same dates.

The indictment also stated that Woods subjected a second victim to unlawful sexual touching on or about Dec. 23, 2011, which is also when an alleged assault occurred.

On the assault charges, the indictment alleges that Woods “did intentionally, knowingly or recklessly cause bodily injury or offensive physical contact” to the victims.

The alleged crimes reportedly all occurred in Caribou.

Woods resigned in January after 44 years with the Caribou Fire and Ambulance Department, including 21 years as the head of fire, ambulance and emergency management services for the city. According to a copy of his resignation letter, Woods said he was resigning for “medical reasons.”

However, Caribou City Manager Steven Buck issued a statement indicating that he accepted the resignation “in lieu of termination” after an investigation into a complaint filed against the fire chief by a city employee.

In his letter, Woods said that “the stress of being chief of fire, ambulance and EMS director for the city of Caribou for 21 years has become more than my wife and I can handle. For medical reasons, I must resign.”

Woods went on to say that he “spent his life” working to protect the city, working his way up from firefighter to firefighter/paramedic instructor and eventually chief.

In his statement to the media, Buck referred to an investigation into a complaint against Woods.

“An independent investigation into the personnel matter was conducted with an expanded scope,” said Buck. “After extensive review and evaluation of the results of the investigation, my own evaluation and after reviewing these evaluations with Woods and a subsequent review of his responses, I accepted his immediate resignation.”

Woods is scheduled to be arraigned in July. He could not immediately be reached for comment Monday.

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    1. I said the same thing. Like…W T F??? He resigned over this too. Doesn’t there have to be an arrest to have charges to decide what the indictment’s all about? Something seriously not making sense with this one.

    2. If you understood the law, and didn’t get all your info from the joke known as the media, you would know that this happens all the time.  A grand jury has heard testimony and an indictment has been brought against this man for the charges.  He most likely will be allowed to turn himself in to the local authorities, and they will process him.  A judge will have assigned a bail amount, and if this man can produce the bond funds, he will be released and free to roam under his bail conditons.  When his case his heard, either he will chose to plea deal or ask for a trial depending on the circumstances.  As I said, this situation happens A LOT in the judicial sytem, the media just chooses to glorify cases like this for your consumption. 

      1. “Woods is scheduled to be arraigned in July.”

        That’s an aweful long time to allow a person accused of such crimes to be out and about without some sort of bail conditions. That’s the part not making sense. This isn’t a white collar crime. It’s “sex charges”. Seems a little too leinient to me for such a crime. I’m not a lawyer but something just doesn’t seem right about that. Sex charges would mean there’s charges. Shouldn’t there be an arrest involved? Could be it’s been done before, but it doesn’t make it right. Especially when people are arrested for much lesser crimes all the time, and have to jump through hoops until they get their day of defense in court. Exposing something like this is needed to open some eyes. Just my opinion, but you know what they say about opinions. ;)

        1. Your opinion is warranted, but as I said, this happens all the time for many different crimes.  It sounds to me, and this is only my opinion, that he was innapropriate with some female coworkers, and charges are being brought against him.  If you notice, it does not mention the victims being underage.  I’m not saying that makes it ok, but it could have been a case that started as sexual harassment, and escalated to sex charges.  The media LOVES to leave out the important little details to increase the “shock” factor.  I have a good idea that anyone reading this thinks he molested some young girls, when in fact, IMHO, he did not, but the paper/reporter chose to leave that part out.  If young girls were involved, you KNOW that it would have been printed in this article.

          And yes being indicted now, with no court appearence until July, seems excessive ,so you are right in thinking that something doesn’t seem right, just not in the way you may think.  It sounds to me like some unwarranted charges have been brought against this man for something that may have been consenual at the time.  Although since he is married, the moral “court” will find him guilty.

          1. If he has “medical” issues as stated above, the State would be responsible for his medical care once he is in custody.  Maybe they are delaying so he can get his ‘medical” issues taken care of?   

          2. If the prosecuting attorney felt these charges were “warranted” enough, they could care less about his health.  Neither from the standpoint of his health, nor from the standpoint of the cost to the state to care for his health.  You think criminals are ruthless?  Check out any DA and you will see ruthless.  They care about one thing and one thing only-padding their record.  They don’t care about the victims, they don’t care about protecting the public, they don’t care about the person they are sending to jail-who may be innocent or not, they only care about shwoing the public how many people they put behind bars.  “Look at me, I am keeping you safe.”  Yea right.

          3. if the victims worked for the department they probably feared to lose their jobs.  Whistleblowing isn’t always accepted by those in power.  And you have to deal with what goes on in the County everyone knows everyone.  It’s a sad situation all way round.

          4.  The worst charge here is Unlawful Sexual contact (with penatration). THat covers a host of acts none of which implys it wasn’t consentual. If there was acutual rape the DA shouldn’t be softballing and bring down an inditement of “Gross sexual assult”. However as someone who lives in the county I am glad that he didn’t just let the guy resign and then file/drop the charges. We’ll see if he is a rapist or if this is trumph up like the Duke Lacross Teem.

          5. USC(with penetration) is digital(finger), so it does not cover a host of acts.  It is touching of the genitals by hand.  GSA is sexual intercourse. 

          6. how do you know so much about what usc and digital are? Please tell me that you work in the field of helping victims………………

  1. Your post is confusing.  When we “roast” someone we pay respect to them.  But the way you structured you post, you are saying people said bad things about  Mr. Buck.  And then you want people to come to Mr. Woods defense, but then he should be behind bars.  Help us out here.

    1. I think they meant that when the story first broke last year that everyone could not believe that  Mr.  Woods could be guilty and that Mr. Buck was just  trying to start trouble. There was a lot of sympathisers for  Woods and a lot of  bad comments about Buck. Looks like Woods is in need of  more then sympathy. He resigned stating he had ill health. Well when your caught with your pants down, so to speak , you might feel ill in deed. Just saying. 

      1. Thanks lobsterpot–thats exactly it. I posted on those early articles that sympathisers for Woods may change their minds when they charge him as a sex offender–my comments were removed.

    2. Everyone interprets thing differently

      Roy Woods = BAD

      Mr. Buck = GOOD

      Does this help you out?

  2. 44 years of service down the drain? If true, he had plenty of opportunity ot take advantage of women or girls in his care.

  3. This man needs to be in Jail, there should be no special treatment just because he was the fire chief for over 22 years. Anyone else who would have been charged with the same allegations wold have been placed in jail immediately to await trail, there has always been a double standard here in the county and it is not right at all. Look at the former fire chief for presque isle and all the money he stole no jail time for him either, but be rest assured anyone else would have been shoveled down the drain. Nope I say this man should be in JAIL awaiting trail, not given a free pass until July that is a bunch of crap. He choose to fondle those women and he now sohuld face the music.  People here in the county go to jail for a lot lesser crimes than what he has been indicted for, and that is just not fair. Roy Woods is the most unethical, unprofessional individual I have ever had the mis-pleasure of meeting, I wonder how many other people he did this too in his 44 years of public service.

  4. I wonder if their will be a nice picture of Roy Woods on the sex offender website after trial ?  LOL yea right–they will get him a plea deal down to simple assult or less  so…this “great man” wont have his name tarnished. The trial will be a gross spectical of abuse of power or social rank.

  5. The corruption is everywhere.. Everyone is in it for themselves. Roy was a man that had a position of authority and was abused. We do not have to look to far to see all of this all our little towns have these cover ups, we all have to get up to speed and ask questions to help protect our own people from these monsters.. 

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