HOWLAND, Maine — A man who had a motorcycle permit for just three days was charged with leading state police on a chase from Orono on Interstate 95 Thursday that reached speeds of 150 mph before it ended with the motorcycle hitting a police cruiser at the town off-ramp.

Kyle Dube, 19, of Orono was charged Thursday with eluding police officers, driving to endanger and criminal speeding. Trooper Chris Hashey, the arresting officer, said he plans to submit an additional charge of passing a police roadblock to prosecutors.

Dube, who was wearing a helmet, slowed enough evading two partial roadblocks to apparently avoid injury in the crash. He refused hospitalization from Penobscot Valley Hospital paramedics at the scene, state police Sgt. David Millett said.

Troopers took Dube to Penobscot County Jail, where he was released on a $200 cash bail, a jail spokesman said.

Dube told Hashey after the crash that he evaded the trooper because “he was scared and just basically didn’t want a ticket,” Hashey said.

The crash caused at least $2,000 damage to the cruiser, Millett said.

Hashey said the incident began when he noticed an orange 2002 Yamaha motorcycle among a group of vehicles speeding northbound at about 90 mph while he was monitoring traffic at Orono’s Exit 193 at about 1 p.m.

Hashey said he was approaching the vehicles from behind with his lights and sirens off when the motorcycle broke away, hitting what Hashey clocked as 136 mph.

“Without me chasing him, he was already traveling at those speeds,” Hashey said.

Hashey engaged his lights and siren. With the pursuit under way, the motorcycle sped as fast as 150 mph, Hashey said.

Hashey and Millett, one of the supervisors monitoring the situation by radio, said the pursuit continued despite the extreme speed because the highway’s lack of traffic lessened the threat to public safety caused by the pursuit.

The traffic “was pretty smooth,” Hashey said.

Hashey said he also knew that several officers were setting roadblocks ahead of them, giving him a good chance of stopping the motorcycle.

“If we would have gone beyond a point where we had units set up, it might have been a different story,” Hashey said.

Dube evaded single-lane roadblocks set by Trooper Larry Anderson on I-95 just south of Exit 217 in Howland and Maine Game Warden Jim Fahey on the exit’s long off-ramp before crashing into Trooper Chris Cookson’s cruiser as Cookson was setting a roadblock on the off-ramp near LaGrange Road, Millett said.

Dube was issued his motorcycle learner’s permit on Monday. He is due at the Penobscot County Judicial Center on Aug. 16, Hashey said.

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  1. 140 on a learner’s permitt? After court he’ll be riding a much different  bike for a good while. They begin with SCH and end with WINN-but he didn’t.

    1. “Dube, who already had evaded two other roadblocks on the highway and
      farther south on the offramp, had slowed substantially by the time he
      hit Cookson’s car.”

  2. He passed us like we were sitting still!! We had just got done passing a car and my daughter  looked in her rearview mirror and saw him flying!!!!  I would have to agree he was hitting over 100!!!  He is lucky he didn’t kill someone!!!

    1.  No matter how fast a motorcycle is going a crash with another car or suv rarely results in serious injury or death to the other party.  A motorcycle just does not have the weight and mass to do the damage that a car or truck could do at similar or lower speeds.  Most sportbikes weigh in at around 400 pounds compared to a small car which weighs over 3,000 pounds at a minimum.  Basic physics tells us that for a motorcycle to do the same damage as a car going 30mph it would have to be going in excess of 300mph…until they develop a motorcycle that can go that fast we don’t have to worry about being killed by an errant speeding motorcycle.

      1. His actions were enough to cause someone to swerve to avoid him and hit another car, or tree or who knows.  He would have been responsible for their deaths… 

  3. peoplewith permits shouln`t be allowed to own and register a bike over 250cc and that is still too much.
    Now pull his license to operate anything for 5 years and never a motorcycle again
    Let him pedal a bike
    And what if he had killed an innocent motorist, lets be thankfull he didn`t


    1. And people on permits shouldn’t be allowed to speed or get into a high speed chase. If we just made those illegal, this wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Oh, wait…

      1. Yes, only those who are fully licensed should be allowed to speed and engage police in high-speed chases. We wouldn’t want newbies attempting such feats.

    2. I found the 250 to be a fantastic learner’s bike for a medium-stature female, but I can’t begin to imagine my husband or some of these 6′, 250 pound guys trying to ride a 250 motorcycle.  That would be more dangerous than giving them a faster, bigger bike.  My husband has ridden my 250 Rebel just so that I could get a chance to ride his bigger bike.  He has to sit on the BACK seat (if you can even call it that) just so he can cramp his legs up enough to reach the brakes/shifting lever.  And for the record, a 250 will go plenty fast enough to kill you.

      1. Your husband would be just fine on a ninja or CBR 250. Your rebel just doesn’t have the right gearing for his weight. Learning on a slower bike does not make it more dangerous. It’ll just hurt his ego. 

        1. He looks quite hilarious on those bikes actually. They are too small for him. I think common sense has FAR more to do with it than the bike size.

    3. So then people with car permits shouldnt drive or own anything bigger than a Yugo??

    4. so do you think people with car permits should only be allowed to drive a four cylinder?

    5.  Restricting new riders to 250cc’s is more than reasonable.  Motorcycles are the only vehicles on the road that the average person can buy for less than $1,000 and do over 150 mph (well over if you find the right bike).  As a long time rider I can tell you it’s far too easy to get in trouble with a high power bike and limited experience.  We don’t hand the keys of tractor trailers to novice drivers for a reason. 

      This issue is more about ego than anything.  If you’re ego won’t fit on a 250cc bike for a year or two than you certainly don’t need a 1,400cc Harley or Hyabusa.

      1. Actually any 18 year old who passes the  written and driving test can drive a Tractor Trailer. They just can’t go state to state until they are 21…..

    6.  It also means that if you are smart enough to get said permit you should be smart enough to follow the rules, and not make it everyone elses responsibility for your carelessness

  4. I was listening to the chase on my scanner and when I heard the voice of Trooper Chris Hashey I knew he would get his man. He is the Hashenator and I want to have his Love Child.

    1. When he passed me there was a bird on the side of road. I think he stund it when he went zooming by!!!

  5. This person has demonstrated he has no respect for law, or the safety of others.  His license should be revoked indefinitly.  

      1. It rarely does…because the penalty for operating under suspension is so weak.  Give every one of them some County time…make it hurt.

  6. The old saying stands true. “You can’t outrun a radio’!!!! When will people learn that just because you are faster then the cop behind you, he will have 3 of his brothers waiting up the road for you!! Good job boys in blue!

        1. No, all the time. It’s just that some police are as adolescent as those they chase and feel their sense of manhood is threatened if their prey gets away. 

  7. wow! 150! I imagine it was a little difficult to hang on at that speed, even with the fairing.

  8. $200 cash bail for all of this??? Might as well have just let him keep on going and clean up the mess later.

      1. Bail should have been set by multiplying the dollar amount of the damage he caused, plus the cost of the chase times the highest speed he was clocked at over the posted speed limit. So $2000.00 + $1000.00 (estimate)= $3000.00 x 85=$255,000.00.

        1. Its funny how some of this stuff works round here lately I dont even see what the point in the arrest was why not just give him a summons? Make it look good or something? Maybe the $200 bail was a misprint? I cant even begin to make sense of it.

    1. He will just get a slap on the wrist. We will see him in the news for the same thing next week, but more than likely instead of front page news he will be in the obituary section. 

  9. Wow. 2 high speed chases in the area in less than a week.

    People must have been taking their stupid pills lately. 

  10. The stupid tax payer gets to pay the $2,000 in damage to the police car. This is where the judge needs to order the operator to pay for the police car as it was his actions, that was the cause.

    1. get off your high horse “taxpayer” pedestal. Lots of times these folks pay restitution..

  11. Quick!  There’s no time to lose!  Everybody pass judgment as though you’d never experienced a single lapse of good sense in your entire lives. Demonstrate your superiority!

    1. 150 MPH is a little more than a lapse of good sense. he could have killed not only himself, but someone elso on the highway.

    2. I agree with your comment to a point. Running from the police and running roadblocks goes a little beyond a “lapse of good sense”. By the time he got to the first roadblock, he had had enough time to think about it.

    3. Allow me to demonstrate my superiority…I am not stupid enough to do 150 on a Motorcycle.


  12. Reply to Ben Hutchins
    I’ve been riding motorcycles (legally, with a license) for 35-years…NEVER tried to out run a police officer. Problem with idiots like Mr. Dube is the people like you that try to justify his stupidity.

  13. People on motorcycles are weird.. The ones riding hogs look like they eat nails for lunch. tough looking bunch, scare the heck out of me, They blocked the drive up at dunkin donuts last year durning concerts.., Some big dude in leather came over to me and ask what the h-ll I thought I was doing. I said I wanted a coffee. he then said the drive up is closed (which it wasn’t) Just mean people playing bully…. I think the leather pants squeeze their marbles and thats what makes them mean.
     Now the  rockets are driven by pure testosterone. not enough blood going to the head to think. 

    1. I’d like to run into you sometime.  It might change your stereotype of ALL of us bikers.  I’d be wearing Levi’s jeans, a hot pink sweatshirt to match my fingernails and a white helmet.  I’m a 40-year-old woman and ride a cruiser.  I used to stereotype bikers too so I really can’t talk.  Then I decided to try it out after my son bought a bike.  Now I’m hooked and have completely changed my false opinions about bikers since meeting some very wonderful bikers

      1. Hot biker babes are a different story (-;
        It’s hard to get a good peek with all the bald heads standing around you though.

  14. 150 mph isnt that hard to do on a bike like that, go to NH and watch the people down there race bikes or to any other race track.  I95 in that area during the daytime not much traffic easy to do.  I bet Officer Hashey’s unmarked mustang can easily do the 150 too.  The kid should just be lucky he wasn’t injured and isn’t spending his days in EMMC and the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

    1. At least sign up as an organ donor. I just saw a remark from the head of the organ bank that bikers are usually young and healthy. Prime material….

  15. Anyone ever hear that song, “Old Men on Harleys”,  it goes to the tune of “Ghost Riders in the Sky”, …..Old men on Harleys, They’re in the rear view mirror, old men on Harleys, they’re at the traffic light, old men on Harley’s……..they’re riding, tonight.

    Not much to do with this dude though. I guess a guy going 150 mph on the interstate is more offensive than some guy on a bike with no exhaust, he could’ve got someone killed.

    I’m glad they’ve finally required the Harley guys to have exhausts for inspection. When you ride those big lawn mowers and there have straight pipes for exhausts, you don’t even hear the noise (the driver) but we all do and it’s as ridiculous as “South Park” made it look. On the South Park episode, the Harley guys spent all of their time riding looking to see if people could hear their machines. Funny.

    I wish they said what the motorcycle was, must be a biggie.

    1. That episode was a RIOT what with the bikers making engine noises amongst themselves even when just standing around!  And how did the kids shame them into stopping? Yup!
      I live at a large intersection in Boston, and while they sit at the light, the Harleys with their pipes keep snapping their throttles like they’re going to stall out, and the rocket riders like to twist the throttle and make them bounce off the rev limiter for 5-10 seconds at a time.They doen’t seem to realize just how silly they look and irritating they are.

    2. It appears to be a Yamaha crotch rocket in the photo.  Maybe an R-6, yes, a pretty lightweight but VERY powerful bike with top speeds of 170ish I think.  

  16.  hey pitbull, , that was a real ignorant comment, you shouldnt wish death on anyone for any reason, yes it was a stupid thing to do, but think about the persons family when making comments like that.

    1. thats how i feel. think about why someone would come to have such a feeling because many others feel the same way, they dont post it

  17. Anyone ever got a 2am call that a family member has been killed by someone running from the cops? I have. I cant stand these punks who endanger us all with this nonsense. And the penalty is never severe enough.

  18. Guys on harleys and crotch rockets are clearly compensating for inadequacies in other areas.

  19. Trooper Hashey does it again!  When will law breakers learn to behave themselves when in his patrol area,……………..he is quickly becoming a local legend! I’ve got to meet Trooper Hashey, and shake his hand!

  20. I understand the fear of not wanting to get a ticket, especially if you just received your permit…. but, seriously, did you honestly think that trying to out-race a cop car was your best bet at doing that?  I know for me, and I would assume most other people, that the first reaction when you see a cop is to hit the brakes not the accelerator.  You would have been better off stopping when he first approached you and try to explain your way out of a ticket “Got caught up in the moment… still getting used to this thing and how easy it is to get going too fast.”  But, of course, hind sight is 20/20!

    1. I don’t think it is the fear of getting a ticket! Maybe it is the fear of getting a beating!

  21. well I wonder if he enjoyed his moment of fame, there are other ways to be recognized, I am just glad that no one got hurt.  It just goes to show once again that some people are not grown up enough to have a license.   Yes I know he only had a permit, point proven. 

  22. 150MPH!!!!!! Is anything worth chasing or running from at those speeds? Not only did the motorcycle operator put many lives in danger at those speeds I also believe so did the Officers who are sworn to serve and protect.

    Yes set up roadblocks you will eventually get them! But such great speed really isn’t worth it. A police man could have a tire blow out at those speeds and that’s it! One wrong move and it’s pieces people would be picking up, and for what a thousand dollar fine if that!

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