CASTINE, Maine — A new agreement between the Maine Community College System and Maine Maritime Academy in Castine creates a path to a four-year degree at MMA for applicants who don’t meet the academy’s academic requirements.

The program, MMA Prep, will refer those applicants to a local community college to complete a prescribed set of courses. Those who pass all the courses will earn admission to MMA. The program is open to students seeking an MMA degree in engineering, management, science or transportation.

“We have many talented young people who apply to the Academy who need some additional academic preparation before they are ready to tackle the heavy math, science, and technical work we require of our students,” MMA President William Brennan said when the agreement was signed recently. “By starting at a Maine community college, they will get the academic support they need and be assured that they have the skills necessary for success in a four-year degree program at the Academy.”

“We’re delighted to be able to work in partnership with Maine Maritime Academy to provide these highly motivated students with the foundation they need to pursue four-year degrees in areas of study that hold great career promise,” MCCS President John Fitzsimmons said in announcing the agreement.