EAST MILLINOCKET, Maine — Patrolman Cameron McDunnah is the town’s new police chief, a town leader said Wednesday.

The Board of Selectmen voted 4-0 on Monday to name the 34-year-old McDunnah to succeed Police Chief Garold “Twig” Cramp, who retired last month after nearly 30 years of service. Selectman Gary McLeod was absent, officials said.

Selectmen chose the best candidate available, Chairman Clint Linscott said.

“He’s an East Millinocket resident with an outstanding resume,” Linscott said. “He is an extremely hard worker with an excellent rapport with all age groups.”

McDunnah, who has seven years of experience, was out sick on Wednesday and declined to comment on his promotion. He is not expected back at work until early next week, Linscott said.

McDunnah needs to get a police executive or management certificate and plans to do so within the next few years. His performance will be evaluated in six months and he will go from earning $18 an hour to approximately $19.25 an hour with his promotion, Linscott said.

Cramp gave a letter of resignation to Clint Linscott, chairman of the Board of Selectmen, on June 20, saying he would be leaving to join a government agency charged with protecting federal buildings. Cramp said he chose to leave after agreeing more than a year ago to stay on for a year “to try to fill the gap during devastating budget cuts.”

“I feel that this is the best time for the town and the department for this transition to take place,” Cramp wrote. “Both of the town meetings are over and two new budgets are in place, with the hiring of a full-time officer taking place soon. I feel all of this will give my replacement a good start in leading the department.”

In June 2011, Cramp earned praise from East Millinocket and Medway residents and leaders when, as a 28-year veteran fully vested in his pension plan, Cramp “retired” on June 30 and returned to work July 1, 2011, as a police chief and reserve officer. This kept Cramp as chief for a year and saved East Millinocket about $30,000, which was money the town needed to save, given a crushing devaluation of the town’s paper mill.

Cramp was praised for his dedication and professionalism.

Several residents praised McDunnah and his work ethic in May 2011 when they fought a move by selectmen to cut his position.

On Monday, Medway officials signed a contract paying East Millinocket for police services, Linscott said.