BELFAST, Maine — Police are working to ascertain the identity of three men they believe are responsible for a vandalism spree sometime late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.

At the City Park, a bottle was broken in the pool, Bryan Cunningham, Belfast police detective said Wednesday. The lifeguard stand was thrown into the deep end of the pool, as were a cinder block and a steel grate that were in the area. Benches in the pool area were upturned as well, police say.

The pool is outside, surrounded by a fence.

The damage also includes a broken window in an outbuilding on Bridge Street and broken windows at MacLeod’s Furniture and the Belfast Dance Studio on High Street. The men apparently also are responsible for tearing flowers from window boxes on High Street storefronts and tipping over city trash containers, police said.

Cunningham believes one of the suspects is at least 21, since officers have an image of him from a security camera purchasing alcohol. A still image obtained by police from a local store, which police would not name, shows a man wearing long blue shorts, a green hooded sweatshirt with four large letters on the front and lettering on the back and a green hat, also with lettering. The man also had rings inserted into his ear lobes.

Jim Bell, the city’s parks and recreation department director, said Wednesday that the pool is expected to be closed at least through the weekend. Bell contacted the National Aquatic Foundation and learned that the best way to ensure the safety of swimmers is to drain the pool and power wash the bottom before reopening.

Police estimate the costs of the damage to be several thousand dollars.

Police ask that anyone with information about the identity of the suspects call them at 338-5255.