BREWER, Maine — Those who retire from the Brewer School Department get the benefit of their unused sick days, and the same will be true for outgoing Superintendent Daniel Lee.

“I get 34 sick days,” Lee explained Thursday. “We had to budget for that because I’m retiring this year. It’s just like we would do if a teacher retires … or like when [former athletic director] Dennis Kiah retired.”

City Councilor Larry Doughty posted a blog item that said, “The school committee gave Dr. Lee [a] 15.7 percent increase in his salary. This is an increase of $17,093. A massive increase.”

The school superintendent said his salary did increase, but only slightly, for fiscal year 2012-13. “Last year, it was $109,087 and this year it’s $110,180,” said Lee, who is scheduled to retire in June 2013.

Doughty got his figures from the school department’s budget, but “Mr. Doughty never called us to ask about this,” Lee said. “He never called to check the facts. He assumed that it was a raise — erroneously assumed.”

Doughty’s blog item also mentioned the school department’s business manager, Gretchen Gardner. She was given a raise after taking on additional responsibilities, Lee said, noting that her salary was never adjusted when she went from financial director to business manager a few years ago.

“She is taking over the operations of food service, maintenance, custodians — the business side — and she’s running all that,” the superintendent said. “We brought her salary in line with other business managers in the state who do similar work.”