BANGOR, Maine — With input from America’s largest retailer, Husson University will offer a new concentration this fall in its College of Business.

The school developed the program with input from Walmart, which plans to encourage its retail employees and students in Maine to take courses offered by Husson, according to a press release issued by the university.

“The development of this program has really been a joint effort,” Ron Nykiel, dean of the College of Business, said in the release. “It is an example of how businesses can partner with an institution of higher education to meet educational needs in the community.”

The new degree focuses on courses that address selling and service, supply chain management, human resources, organizational management, financial reporting and marketing and operations. The

emphasis will be on accountability, customer service and retention, merchandising and driving sales growth, according to Husson.

“We welcome this partnership with Husson University,” said Clare Amrhein, market human resources manager for Walmart in Bangor. “Our future growth in Maine and around the country will require many new associates, and the new Husson program will provide knowledge and job skills that will help students find jobs and build successful careers in the retail environment.”

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