BANGOR, Maine — In 1945, when George Peabody was the Bangor City Council chairman and mayor, the city report promised a memorial to honor its residents who had served in World War II, especially those who had sacrificed their lives.

That memorial will finally be erected this fall and dedicated on Veterans Day on the grounds of Cole Land Transportation Museum. The monument is the inspiration of 1958 Mayor Galen Cole, at 86 the city’s oldest living former council chairman, and has the support of current Mayor and Council Chairman Cary Weston, 40.

The black granite has been ordered for the rectangular memorial, which will be engraved by Guernsey Monument with names of more than 110 Bangor men who died in World War II. The monument will stand near the larger Maine World War II Memorial, which was dedicated in 1997 at the museum at 405 Perry Road.

Cole and Weston, whose grandfather Harry Weston Jr. attended Bangor High School with Cole and was a sailor during World War II, have discussed the memorial project in recent months, both inspired by words from the 1945 City Report:

“Your City of Bangor has emerged from this period saddened beyond measure by the loss of 101 of its citizens who gave their lives in its defense, and today stands in full acknowledgment of its debt to them and to the 4,349 others who offered all they had in our behalf and who, in some cases, suffered irreparable physical and mental damage. It is the avowed intention of your city to erect a memorial that will, for a long time yet to come, suitably commemorate the unselfish devotion of these citizens to their fellow man.”

The Bangor men who will be memorialized are buried around the world — among them Charlie Flanagan at Mount Pleasant Cemetery on Ohio Street, Edwin Rattray at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, Raymond Horace Noye at the American Military Cemetery in Hamm, Luxembourg.

Cole wants to build the memorial because “something should have been done. It was promised that it would be done, back in 1945.”

“Galen reached out to me, and brought some documents he shared about the memorial,” Weston said. “His desire and excitement to recognize the Bangor boys in World War II are contagious, and I wanted to help someone who has given so much to the community — to help realize the dream.”

Cole was prepared to have the museum, a 501(c)3 charity, pay the full cost of the project, probably no more than $20,000, but Weston encouraged him to allow businesses, organizations and individuals from the community to make contributions, as well.

The museum founder is thrilled with the young man’s enthusiasm. “To have the mayor of the city of Bangor get behind it helps with community support to get the proper recognition of all those boys — to be permanently displayed in one place,” he said.

City councilors of long ago took the step that is providing information for the planned memorial, according to Bill Cook, local history librarian at Bangor Public Library.

“At the end of World War II, the City Council commissioned the Bangor Book of Honor to remember those who died in the war,” Cook said.

“Bangor Remembers Her Sons Who Died for Victory,” the inscription reads. The book is displayed in a case near the library’s circulation desk. Families were asked to share a picture and information on each serviceman. A different page is displayed each day.

It is the library’s list of 110 Bangor men in the Book of Honor that the Cole Museum will use as the basis for information to be engraved on the monument — with a few additions. The list of Bangor men killed in World War II will include not only Bangor residents, Cole said, but people such as Fred Otis of Veazie, who was a Bangor High School student before joining the service and being killed in the Battle of Normandy.

Those who can help document that a Bangor resident — or someone who attended Bangor High or John Bapst before joining the service — died in World War II are asked to provide the name and information in writing, and phone number for the submitter. Send information to Roxanne Saucier, Cole Land Transportation Museum, 405 Perry Road, Bangor 04401, or Questions may be sent to those addresses or called in to 907-0608. The deadline for submitting new names to the list of Bangor men killed in World War II is 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 21.

Contributions to help build the “Bangor Remembers” memorial may be dropped off at Cole Museum or sent to the same address, marked “Bangor Remembers.” The museum is open 9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily. Admission is $7 adults, $5 seniors, free to everyone 18 and under.

Bangor men killed during World War II

Ashworth, Leonard Victor Jr.

AuCoin, J. Edgar

Ayer, Donald Holman

Babbain, Joseph J. Jr.

Barker, Donald Llewellyn

Bean, Charles Albert

Bertels, Bernard Joseph Jr.

Black, Philip James

Blake, Edgar Vincent

Blethen, Lawrence R.

Bradt, Wilber Elmore

Breen, Harold

Budway, John N.

Burgess, William G. Jr.

Burke, Ernest A.

Burns, Kenneth R.

Cassidy, James Daniel Jr.

Chase, Theodore J.

Chisholm, Edward Francis

Clapp, Ralph Louis

Coffin, John Leslie Jr.

Comstock, Horace Nathan

Condon, Merle Lawrence

Corey, John Francis

CoWallis, Lauren L.

Crawford, Walter L. Sr.

Cullinan, Dennis T. Jr.

Cunningham, Ralph Linley Jr.

Curran, John Francis

Cyr, Bernard J.

Doggett, Harry V. Jr.

Dunphey, Claire Frederic

Dyer, Alonzo

Eames, Paul H. Jr.

Eaton, Harold G.

Faulkingham, James Alton

Ferguson, Joseph Henry

Fessenden, Charles Albert

Flagg, Ferd Charles

Flanagan, Charles Augustine

Flood, James Edward Jr.

Fogg, Donald Herbert

Follett, John R.

Frye, Harrison William

Gallupe, Arthur Duncan

Gerrish, Rodney J.

Getchell, Howard William

Giles, Lawrence M.

Graffam, Thomas R.

Grant, Robert P.

Hackett, Carl Owen

Hendrickson, Willis Ellwood

Hopkins, Edward R.

Howe, Benjamin Jr.

Jansson, Carl Joseph

Jones, Richard Brooks

Kane, Thomas P.

Keezer, Frederick Paul

Keith, Austin Rodney

Kelley, Arnold R.

Kelley, John Coney

Kilpatrick, Donald Murray Jr.

Kobritz, Joseph Herbert

MacDonald, Harry Lester

MacKaye, James Stewart

Marsh, Guy Jr.

McDougal, Miles B. Jr.

McGee, Thomas Frederick

McGlauflin, Wallace Henry

McKinnon, Donald Aldrich

Montgomery, Shelley Doyle

Morrill, Charles W.

Murphy, Frederic Coleman

Noye, Raymond Horace

Olson, Vaughn Reginald

Orr, W. Carleton

Otis, Fred

Pendleton, Fields Seeley III

Perkins, Linwood W.

Peterson, Charles F. Jr.

Pomeroy, George

Price, Arnold Perry

Ranks, Eugene John

Rattray, Edwin D.

Reynolds, Kenneth P.

Richard, John Allen

Richards, George T.

Robinson, Lloyd Kenneth

Robinson, Waldo E. Jr.

Rogers, George Henry

Ryder, Gerald Constantine

*Sarnoski, Joseph R.

Scherer, Ralph A.

Slager, Harold Arthur

Small, Charles Edward

Smith, Edward G.

Snodgrass, James A.

Spragg, Carl S.

St. Germain, Glenn

Stimpson, Arthur F.

Strang, Garland Louis

Striar, Bernard

Strout, Gerald Decker

Taylor, Charles John

Treworgy, W. Stuart

Walls, Max E.

Watson, George Ellis

Willette, John A.

Williams, Eugene Vincent

Wilson, Nelson Edwards

Withee, Aubrey Francis

Yerxa, Renfrew A.

* Medal of Honor