MONSON, Maine — All of the residents who went to Tuesday night’s public hearing and special town meeting about whether to impose a six-month moratorium on privately owned highways and utility corridors endorsed the ban.

“We did it by a show of hands,” Town Manager Julie Anderson said Wednesday afternoon. “We had 47 yes [votes] and zero on the nays.”

The 180-day moratorium is specifically designed to stop progress in town on a proposed east-west highway, a 220-mile privately funded toll highway to connect Calais to Coburn Gore.

“It went very well,” Anderson said of the meeting. “At the public hearing we had some questions and the planning board answered them and told them the whole purpose of the moratorium.”

While the exact route for the planned four-lane roadway has not been announced, “we were one of the routes in consideration,” Town Selectman Bryant Brown said Monday.

“What will come out of the 180 days is codes so we can keep our place the way it is,” he said later, adding that provisions allow for another 180-day extension, if needed.