PORTLAND, Maine — Hurricane Sandy hit Maine on Monday night with wind gusts as high as 64 mph, according to the National Weather Service, and nearly 90,000  Central Maine Power customers had lost power as of 8 a.m. Tuesday.

Bangor Hydro-Electric Co. reported more than 5,500 outages by 4 a.m Tuesday.

Southern Maine took the brunt of the storm Monday, but heavy rains and winds will be an issue for central Maine on Tuesday, which is under a flood watch.

Gov. Paul LePage signed an emergency declaration Monday authorizing state agencies to use all available resources and personnel as necessary to cope with the emergency situation. Robert McAleer, director of the Maine Emergency Management Agency, said sustained winds of 40 mph could cause power outages for thousands of homes and

Hurricane Sandy, a late-season storm dubbed “Frankenstorm” because it is on track to collide with a wintry storm and Arctic air and also because of its near-Halloween arrival time, has triggered mass closures in the Northeastern United States, where some expect it will cause as much as $1 billion in damage.

Police in the town of Wells issued a voluntary evacuation warning for residents and businesses nearest the coast, where a department announcement said police are expecting 25-foot waves along the coast.

American airline companies have canceled more than 3,000 flights, and the crew of the historic touring tall ship HMS Bounty were forced to abandon the ship off the coast of North Carolina.

All flights but one — to Detroit — scheduled for Monday out of Bangor International Airport were canceled, according to airport director Tony Caruso. Flights scheduled to Philadelphia, New York City and Washington, D.C., were canceled, as were all inbound flights from those areas. Two flights from Detroit were expected to arrive as scheduled. The airport also is ready for any overseas flights that may need to be diverted from major hubs.

Nearly all flights scheduled to arrive and depart at Portland International Jetport, which will remain open, were canceled late Monday morning and early afternoon. Travelers are advised to check the jetport website for information about their specific flight.

“A lot of people have contacted their airline directly and started to make arrangements for other travel,” BIA’s Caruso said. “A lot of travelers understand the potential with the storm.”

In Presque Isle, PenAir flights between Boston and the city have been canceled through Tuesday. The airline intends to resume full service Wednesday.

Central Maine Power reported 84,517 homes and businesses without power late Monday evening. Customers in southern coastal areas were the first to feel the effects of the storm, with more than 64,000 outages in York and Cumberland counties at 11:30 p.m. Reports of outages began in the early afternoon, but rose rapidly after 3 p.m. CMP expected the outage count to climb as high winds spread over the state.

Canadian utility crews are on hand to assist their Maine counterparts with restoring power if it’s lost, LePage said Monday afternoon during a prestorm news conference in Augusta. He said there are also two Federal Emergency Management Agency representatives in Maine to assist with storm preparations and recovery.

LePage said Maine expects to release its power crews Tuesday to help out in other states hit harder by Sandy. “We’re hoping we don’t get hit as bad,” he said.

Nicole Clegg, spokeswoman for the city of Portland, said the city has stationed additional emergency responders on Peaks, the most populous of the Casco Bay islands, in anticipation of the storm, among other coastal preparations.

“We’re increasing our staffing on Peaks Island,” she said. “Because of the high seas that are expected, we want to make sure there are people who are out there who can respond. … We’ve pulled in floats from Little Diamond [Island], the Maine State Pier and the East End Beach.”

Al Bleau, head of Peaks Island’s Community Emergency Response Team, said that in addition to an extra police officer and firefighter — each with EMT training — on Peaks, island volunteers were positioned to prepare at least three emergency shelters if necessary and make generators available to deploy for people living with medical devices. He said his CERT team is expecting a delivery of fresh water from Portland to distribute if needed.

Access to the islands was scheduled to be restricted Monday evening, as the U.S. Coast Guard announced plans to close the Port of Portland to all traffic because of the storm. Casco Bay Lines, which provides ferry service to the islands, announced that its last departure from Portland to Peaks Island would be at 5:35 p.m., while a 6 p.m. return from the island would be the last of the night.

Information about service to other islands Monday evening can be found at the Casco Bay Lines Facebook page.

Despite the worst-case-scenario planning taking place on the island, Bleau said many islanders aren’t breaking a sweat over the incoming hurricane.

“They’ll pretty much stay in denial until they see it arrive,” he said. “They see all these big storms that form and then nothing happens [locally].”

On Mount Desert Island, many area fishermen had moved their boats to sheltered moorings or marina slips in Northeast Harbor and Somesville to ride out the storm. A large rental generator had been set up in Southwest Harbor outside the back door of Sawyer’s Market on Main Street to power the store’s coolers and freezers if the electricity goes out.

Stuart West, Acadia National Park’s head ranger, said Monday that rangers had closed Blackwoods Campground until at least Tuesday morning. If a lot of trees blow over during the night, he said, it may remain closed until Wednesday. Seawall Campground already is closed for the winter, he said.

West said rangers plan to close down Ocean Drive on MDI, where the Park Loop Road passes Sand Beach, Thunder Hole and Otter Cove, and Schoodic Loop Road on the eastern side of Frenchman Bay, when it gets dark on Monday.

Waves along the coast could get as high as 19 feet Monday night and into early Tuesday, West said. High tide was expected again around midnight at most areas of the Maine coast. On Tuesday, the tide is expected to reach its peak height around noon but then not again until early Wednesday, after midnight, as seas continue to subside.

West said he does not expect to have the same number of sightseers along Acadia’s shore for Sandy as there were in August 2009, when Hurricane Bill kicked up the surf along Maine’s coast. In that storm, a 7-year-old girl died after a large wave crashed over her and other sightseers near Thunder Hole and then pulled them into the sea.

West said that incident happened on a sunny weekend day in the summer — all conditions that belied the danger posed by the storm’s large waves. He said that while Sandy’s effects are being felt, people who travel along Ocean Drive should not go down on the rocks toward the water.

“Please stay up along the pavement and bring a longer lens” for taking photographs, he said.

The Department of Marine Resources is instituting an emergency flood clam/shellfish closure along the coast effective midnight tonight due to heavy rains, and will re-evaluate the situation Tuesday and Wednesday.

Portland Public Schools, which includes an elementary school on Peaks Island, closed an hour early Monday, and all after-school activities were canceled.

“This decision is based on forecasted high winds and the need to get students and staff home safely on buses and ferries,” Peter Eglinton, the district’s chief operations officer, said in a morning announcement.

University of New England closed at noon Monday and will remain closed throughout the day Tuesday, while the University of Southern Maine told employees it would close at 4 p.m. Monday. Portland City Hall and all campuses of Southern Maine Community College closed at 3 p.m. because of the forecast wind and rain as well.

The city of Portland’s Oxford Street Shelter opened earlier in the day than usual on Monday for those experiencing homelessness, and city workers were “traveling to known camping sites” in the area offering rides to the shelter to members of the homeless population.

Portland residents who see downed limbs in city streets are being urged to call the public services department at 874-8493.

In Rockland, the city announced Monday morning that the Marie “Sis” Reed Breakwater Park and the breakwater would be closed to foot traffic until further notice because of the unpredictability of the waves. Schools in Knox County were being closed early.

In Scarborough, police are asking that parents abstain from taking children out trick-or-treating on Wednesday night in anticipation of wires still being down or other leftover damage from the storm. Instead, town police are urging residents to use Saturday for their Halloween festivities.

The campaign of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Charlie Summers urged supporters to bring in signs supporting him until the storm had passed.

Bangor Daily News writers Ryan McLaughlin, Stephen Betts, Bill Trotter, Jen Lynds and Matthew Stone and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Seth Koenig

Seth has nearly a decade of professional journalism experience and writes about the greater Portland region.

173 replies on “Sandy knocks out power for thousands of Mainers; flood watch inland”

  1. It is not unpredictable.. It will make land fall in NJ….Bottom line.. Anything to create another article to scare people….

      1. Oh get a grip already…There isn’t 65 dead in MAINE and there won’t be…What the media does by scareing people , ESPECIALLY our seasoned citizens , is borderline criminal…There were elderly ladies in Walmart Saturday am damn near in tears over this…Folks running around like idiots grabbing batteries , flashlights and water like it was the end of the world..All over 20-30 MPH winds and a few showers which is the forcast for the midcoast today and tommorrow…All that money wasted by those who can least afford it..Our seniors…Criminal I say..

        1. You are right, Maine won’t be any where near as bad as New Jersey or even other New England states. However, those little old ladies are watching the Weather Channel and about 10 other cable outfits, not just Kevin Mannix and rest of the local weather folks. They can scare anyone.Those people on the Weather Channel have their chance to shine, and they take advantage of it. The women on there are dressed for the prom. They get this attention just once in a while..and take advantage of it. 

          1. So true….. Makes money for the media…Gets the ratings…..Why do you have to be on tv in a storm outside???? I could careless…. Ratings….

          2. NBC didn’t buy out the weather channel for nothing ..right? Those Home Depot, Lowes, and battery commercial make them a fortune. In this case they’ve been working this storm for a week. No end to the profits. The big question for the storm is who gets the most help from the disruption of the Presidential campaign, the President or Mr. Romney? If FEMA does a great job, the President will get a bounce-if not- he’ll have Romney criticizing him. Should be quite interesting. 

          3.  If they did not say any thing about it an people got killed or stranded you would want criminal charges brought against them because they did not worn the public.

          4. I have no criticism of the facts they are putting out there. They are dead on accurate. It’s the sensationalism that goes a little far. The old meteorologists with Doctor in front of their names  are now largely replaced with prom queens dressed to the nines. The do know how to market the weather product.

          5. So what are your creds re weather?  This storm is one of the biggest in area on record and has a near record low pressure.  Better to be prepared rather than unprepared, especially if you live on or near the coast.  Check out the predictive rainfall and wind gust maps.  Portland will be affected to some extent, less so in the Bangor area.

          6. Pretty much this. Yeah, we’ll get some rain (not THAT much), a fair amount of wind, zand some power outages. but oherwise? Meh. Really not that big a deal for the majority of Mainers. 

          7. If the women you saw on television were dressed for the prom, you know you were watching Fox News actresses.

    1. Yup..and global warming is just a big lie!  Anybody that doesn’t take this seriously deserves what they get.

        1. It doesnt. But some will find any and every opportunity to shove their beliefs down your throat and this is just another reason for the Political OCD.

      1. Maybe it’s God vengeance on NY for allowing same sex attraction marriage?    Interesting how a city that never has been hit so hard has been recently.      

        1. I”ve been waiting for this one too, from the conservative religious zealots.  My question, who sinned?  More realistically, who didn’t?

          1. Oh good I’m glad you liked my comment.  We are all sinners, however acting on same sex attraction will call down God’s vengeance.   You don’t fool with mother nature.

        2. Think what you want.  Maybe it was revenge on so many self-righteous people trying to exert their will on someone else’s life.  You get all kinds in the City.

        3.  So is this your explanation for the hurricanes that disrupted the Republican conventions (bit not the Democratic ones)  two presidential years in a row?

      1. Yea, for states south of us. We are outliers. When it comes to this storm and our impotance to the country.

  2. Must be pretty bad storm.Heard Obama had to spend the day in his office. While he is there hopefully he will get caught up on the forty or fifty security briefings he has missed. Maybe he will watch the seven hour benghazi movie he slept through last time.

    1.  The exact opposite of what Gov Christie (R-NJ)  is saying this morning.

      Christie ‘s praise for Obama and enthusiastic description of Obama as a strong and effective leader showing superior forethought and planning was quite effusive.

  3. I have come into possession of all the batteries in the Great State of Maine..  I have them on sale for ONLY!!! $8.75 each, get them while they last.. paypal only and please allow 4 to 6 week delivery….. shipping and handling extra.. no returns allowed. please state size or we will assume you ordered D cells..

    1. why shouldn’t he?

      They’ve already pilfered our pockets and labor for the money, he should be fighting to get every single penny he can, WHILE he is working to get us off the immoral dependency system that is FEMA

      1.  Give me a break.  He is either in favor of federal help or he isn’t.  Wasn’t he complaining a couple of days ago about the disappearance of federal jobs.  The guy is schizophrenic. He can hold two opposing beliefs as being true at the same time.

      2. Sorry, you are wrong.

        Maine is a welfare state, which means that it takes in more federal money than it pays in.

        Most welfare states are red states, while most blue states pay more to the federal government than they receive back, subsidizing the red states.

        It’s funny how people who whine the most about freeloaders and welfare queens ARE the nation’s freeloaders and welfare queens.

          1.  Thanks pbmann. 

            But now that you’ve shown the evidence, if you get any response at all, the right wingers will say that politifact and wikipedia are wrong, and they are hard left liars only interested in bringing down America.

            I included a link to zany, hard rightwing freerepublic with the info to try and blunt the replies of the crazy and deluded.

          1. Per capita, Red States are more charitable.

            Unless  you count the charity that the Blue States give the Red States, of course. That dwarfs any charitable donations to the poor or other causes.

            Utah is the most charitable, but that is because many people there are required by their cult to kick in the cash, big time.  Hey, how else are they going to become gods of their own planets after death, as all good Mormons aspire to become?

  4. Mitt Romney in 2011: ‘We Cannot Afford’ Federal Disaster Relief’

    this is the kind of position we can look forward to with romney.

    this guy is amazing. he’s gone from a “severe conservative” to a moderate republican since the

    Oct 29 2012, 1:15 AM ET

    As Hurricane Sandy looms and flooding begins, the Republican presidential candidate’s primary remarks are getting a second look.

    Mitt Romney said America shouldn’t be in the business of providing federal disaster relief and that it would be better for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s functions to be handled by individual states or even the private sector.

    the private sector?

    1. yeah….it’s called INSURANCE

      ever heard of it?

      And how is it ‘fair’ to force states such as Montana, North Dakota, and Idaho, who rarely, if ever, whitness storms of this magnitude, to subsidize the supposed ‘dissaster relief’ for states along the gulf coast and the atlantic seaboard?

      Romney is right on this one, get the fed out of the picture and let the states retain their money to fend for themselves

      1.  Thats good thinking till something happens here an they half to raise your taxes to pay for it then you would cry .

        1. So apparantly you don’t have insurance and I do…

          Why should I have to pay for YOUR lack of planning and inability to uderstand basic economics via the police power and taxing authority of the corrupt federal government?

      2. I’m sure the 3 states you mention benefit from some federal programs that other states don’t. But you don’t hear them complaining about that.

        1. We’re “in this together” for our common defence, NOT to plunder and pilfer each other to no end every time an excuse arises to exercise the overgrown ‘authority’ of our declining federal government.

      3. Because this a country and we all work together for the good of all!  If you don’t like it, go find an island and start your own.

        1. ……”we all work together for the good of all”……..

          That sounds more than a bit like the “Communist Manifesto” as in “from he who has it, to he who needs it”. That is a real good “statist position” where the government is “all powerful”.

          And of course Obama thinks the entire 57 states should work together on everything. So why should anybody have to see the fruits of their labor “stolen” in order to help a fool who built a house in a river flood plain, where he can not buy insurance, or on the beaches of North Carolina, where the houses are destroyed everytime a hurricane comes by. People who are stupid should lose due to thier stupidity. Perhaps next time they will do things better!

          Actually, American citizens are supposed to be a free people. In exchange for having their freedoms to do as they see fit, without harming another, they have to accept the  “responsibility” to take care of themselves, an idea truly “lost forever” in many citizens today.

          Collecting money from all and (the self-annointed elites) handing it out to those who “need it” is a socialist idea that is doomed to failure. Some people will create their “need” by being lazy and slovenly, and demand more and more of “government” over time, while those who work, and see the proceeds of that work be stolen by government, will work less, or not at all.

          Socialism has failed everyplace it has been tried, and America will NOT be the first country to make it work, despite all of those who want it to!

        2. So, “you either work for us, or leave”

          sounds like you have a rather perverted view of freedom and the American way of life…

          you sure you’re not a decendent of a southern plantation owner circa 1850?

      4. FEMA Aid to Disaster-Stricken Iowa Communities Exceeds $500 Million
        Montana Receives More Federal Aid to Fight Wildfires.
        Residents of nine North Dakota counties and one reservation were able to register for assistance with FEMA. In total, almost $95 million has been provided.
        FEMA, State Public Assistance Program Helping Idaho Communities, currently estimated to total nearly $1.9 million.
        FEMA provides  all kinds of help needed for the citizens of our country. Not just major disasters like hurricane sandy.
        Individual states could never sustain the help that FEMA provides,  needed by the states or individuals.
        If Mr. Romney feels this can be done, he is so wrong. But what is happening here  he is pandering to the voter and his party. He knows that it would be impossible. After all he is a wicked smart business man is he not.

        1. “Individual states could never sustain the help that FEMA provides”

          LOL….that’s because they can’t drive our children and grandchildren into debt-slavery via the federal reserve bank’s ability to borrow and print our way to misery.

          Nice synopsis of the FEMA welfare system, nonetheless.  To suggest that the FEMA welfare system is either equitable or sustainable is a bit childish and naive.  The current system cannot and will not continue, as we simly can’t afford it.

          1. And we cant afford not to. You heard Governor Christie this morning thankful for the help that he was getting from the federal government. He all but kissed President Obama’s butt for the extraordinary help and the ability that the president had in working with the affected states. The states hit hardest by this hurricane was at the trough waiting to get fed. You can spin all you want that we cant afford to have the big gov in our back yard but with out the big gov we my friend would be up a creek with out a paddle. I’m sorry its a nice by line but it ain’t ever going to happen. We will forever be hooked at the proverbial hip of the Big Gov.

    2. That’s right,  it should be neighbor helping neighbor.  Look what happened to the losers down in New Orleans who waited for the government.

        1. Actually it was Mayor Nagens ineptitude. Bush told him to get his people on the school buses and get them out of New Orleans and he didn’t listen. We then saw the pictures of the same buses sitting in water up to their windows while the people were on roofs.

          People need to have common sense. FEMA is NOT going to get to you for at least two days unless they are already there because people can’t move as fast as the internet. They always recommend you have enough food and water for your family for at least two days.

      1. Those folks in louisiana were waiting for their governor to allow the neighboring states to help. Arkansas and Texas, as well as some groups from Canada were waiting to help, just not allowed to help by the NO and LA government leaders. Sad that the press never told the truth.

    3. Maybe he’d like to outsource the job to the lowest bidder or the corportation where his money is invested.

    4.  FEMA should go.  Its the mind set such as yours that is making this country so dependent on the Federal government.  What is wrong with local control being able to make decisions by local people for local people?  We are losing local control all the time with Federal agencies making rules and regulation we can’t afford and that have no common sense behind them.  Take care of your neighbors help them if they need it leave the government out of it.

    1. Wolly, you’re wound up tighter than a ten day clock…just relax in the knowledge that the storm has to cross too much land area to do damage like people’re going to see in, say, New Jersey.  Storms like this run out of gas *very* quickly as soon as they make landfall.

  5. “Hi there. Your buddy The humble Farmer and co-host Michelle here on Channel 7, bringing you the latest tips on how to survive the killer Frankenstorm that is approaching our area. As you know, it either destroys or kills everything in its path.

    “Get to the store as quickly as you can and buy enough food and water to last for at least two weeks because it is likely that you will be without power for a long, long time. You and your children should sleep in the cellar because with the high winds expected, a falling tree is very likely to crush the beds in which you or your children sleep. Bring in your pets so they will not drown, be crushed or electrocuted. Have your shots. With the amount of sewage expected in the flood waters, malaria, dysentery and the black plague is a mathematical certainty in 98 percent of our area households.

    “Yes, Michelle, I should also mention that you should keep your bed in the cellar up on posts and as close to the ceiling as possible because of flooding.  Plan an escape route in case you feel you’re about to run out of oxygen and die a painful death by suffocation.  One last reminder to not leave your home:  46 people have already been electrocuted by falling wires in areas already impacted by this killer storm. Fire, medical and police services are expected to be one hundred percent incapacitated and cell phone towers are likely to be out so don’t expect any help there.

    “We just got a Twitter note from Governor Romney who suggests that you immediately pack your family into the Hummer, your horses into the trailer, and quickly drive to one of your other homes on high ground.

    “I guess that just about covers it from my end of the desk. Michelle, will you close out our little
    report with a few tips on How To Keep Your Family Calm During The Storm?”

    “Don’t — watch — the news.”

    The humble Farmer

    1. Will we have to eat our dogs? Obama said they don’t taste bad and he will throw in some food stamps to make a meal. He called me on my obamaphone.

    1. Not important, unless you’re a meteorologist.  99.9999999999% of us don’t live on Mt. Wash, nor do we have any desire to.

      *Sorry, Pennywise, my reply was intended for wolly, not you*

  6. This appears to be just another case of Maine being the ugly girl at the dance. Our media in particular seem so in need of validation that they will always try to make Maine part of the story.  “Please, look at me look at me”Yea, we’ll have a few power outages but we are not going to be   victimized anywhere near what states south of us will be. 

     “Hospitals are stocking up”


    If I’m wrong I will gladly return and eat my hat.

  7. And this has what to do with the storm?

     “The guy that’s tired of seeing some guy that doesn’t know how to blog but wants everyone to read what he thinks all the time.”

  8. The traffic lights they turn up blue tomorrow…
    And the wind cries Mary…….

    —Take care, it’s better to be prepared than caught with ol’ the pants down.

  9. I think, it was 83 years ago, today, that we had the stock market crash, seems funny, that Sandy shut down the market, on the 83rd anniversary of the crash.

    1. Well, according to the AP business news, the floor only of the NYSE is closed, trading is still going on electronically.

  10. Political Nonsense….Worry about what Romney says if he becomes the President. In the meantime…why dont people worry more about the storm and the people it will affect…we will all still be Republicans & Democrats and whatever else after the storm.  Cant we for once leave Politics out of something? Tomorrow you can all blame Bush for this storm but for today…Buckle Down!

  11. If we could get the Canadians to send us a couple gust of cold air we could keep the storm in Washington until it spends itself. normally anything entering washington spends itself.

    1. You’re right about the spending, but I’m glad that Maine’s on the Easterly side…that means no 2-3 feet of snow…it’s too early for that much.

    2. Actually, the cold air is being dragged down the mountains and will produce heavy snows in the Smokies and north.

    1. So will Romney as well as pay off the debt, zero out the deficit while increasing spending, end all wars, put everyone back to work and into their own mortgage-free homes. The next day he’ll end pollution world wide. And then … 

  12. There are ten year-round island communities in BDN’s coverage area that could have been reported on, instead of the islands down in Casco Bay.  Do the Penobscot Bay and Down East islands not really count, compared to Portland’s bedroom communities?  What gives?

    1. It made landfall in New Jersey – tell the folks there it “fizzled”.

      Low information much?


  13. People on this site are brilliant. They can take any story and turn it into an analysis on politics. I may not always agree with what you say, but I do admire the way you get to it.

  14. Reading down through these comments I was dismayed to read some regarding “sensationalism”. Are you guys just not paying attention? This is an unprecedented storm. No one really knows how severe it will turn out to be.

    One thing for darn sure is that it isn’t going to come onshore and disappear. It will track north no matter what and it is anyone’s guess at this time how much damage will be left in it’s wake. At the very least there will be numerous people in Maine without power.

    As I write this it is 7:20 PM eastern time and the National Weather Service is predicting 40-60mph winds for most of Maine, along with heavy rain and coastal flooding for the next 24hrs or so. I sincerely hope that those of you poopooing the news people who are trying to make you understand this storm are safe where you are tonight. And, when this is over, you might want to go check on those little old ladies to make sure they are OK.

  15. “The proclamation authorizes state agencies to use all available resources and personnel as necessary to cope with the emergency situation.” Does this mean this is not the case without this proclamation?

  16. From the comments here it would appear that many are imbibing heavily on the coffee brandy and beer, that they consider to be essential to survival . I just hope this “R”eprehensible T’Bagger Gubnor doesn’t ask for federal assistance. Come on Gubnor, Maine must have a boot strap left………..pull…………….that’s what you T’Baggers are asking seniors, veterans, and people with healthcare issues to do.

  17. I don’t think there has been an authentic Moderate Republican since Eisenhower.  The whole party changed after Nixon.

  18. …….Now the Republicans want to privatize FEMA…..Interesting…..Katrina cost Louisiana $100 billion; that state’s budget is $25 billion a year….So if FEMA (Good job, Brownie) had been a private corporation…That means the corporatons could basically own the state…Maybe float some kind of mortage and let the Cajuns buy back their state…Interesting concept…

  19. Oh, the Gov., I’d hope won’t be part of the 47% relying on the federal government for a handout!

  20. Mr. Lepage feels important today.   

    I wonder if he regrets working for Marden’s. (Sandy) Salvage.

  21. 3 am and I’m still alive..Lost power for a bit but got it right back…But then again we lose it here if somebody cuts a good fart due to the moonbats not allowing CMP to trim the trees properly…Nite all…

  22. We are experiencing severe weather from a hurricane that made landfall as unprecedented 940 mbar storm in New Jersey.

    Republicans just don’t get it.


  23. Gov. Paul LePage declares state of emergency….  thats  fine  but,  he agrees with the rest of the republicians  about the all cutbacks..  you can’t have this both ways.  FEMA is one program that Romney wants to cut.

    1. maybe cut back.but not eliminate ..there is a difference .it use to be that states to responsibility for there own..now i know you’ll say we do not have the money…but…if we did not have to pay so much to the federal gov.then beg for it back…we would be much better off!

  24. Isn’t it about time we force these electric companies to bury the power lines. Tell Imbradola to bury the lines! Don’t let them spin that, “It’s too expensive” baloney. It’s time for a change!

    1. You got your change….Obama…..A few hours with out power wont kill you….Chin up and stay strong my friend..

      1. Didn’t lose power, not talking about politics..tell electric companies to bury the lines so that the ratepayers in any state aren’t continually hurt by their lack of a sensible way forward in face of the increasingly devastating storms. I’m commenting on the stupidity of upper management. And by the way..we as ratepayers pay for all the repairs. It’s the 21st century for heavens sake…must we still be harnessed to 20th century mindset?

          1. I totally disagree..Maine is as competent and as up to date as many other states. You must not have travelled much lately. If you had travelled into Tennessee or Arkansas or La. you would thank your lucky stars that you live where you do. This state gets way too much criticism from its citizens as a low life red neck backwoods dive. Yes, I’ve been to the county. And the folks I’ve met there do not come close to those epithets. 

          2. Ive been to other states, relax……..I flew into Portland airport a few yrs ago with a buddy, he got off the plane and said that he just stepped back in time….

          3. I don’t know which Portland you landed in but Portland Maine has been one of the best little cities on the East Coast for a number of years and very  much current with the times. Still,

            The electric companies must be pushed to bury their lines or the country will continue to inconvenience many citizens and cause a lot of harm because of their corporate backwards thinking.

  25. Remember boys and girls there is no such thing as Climate Change.  It’s just a big lie told by liberals. Keep repeating that as you watch the news.

  26. Faux Twitter tips from Mitt Romney:

    “Poor people make great flotation devices” and “Move your binders full of women and children to higher ground so they stay dry” 

    “I’ve been told that if it’s not a legitimate storm, Mother Nature will shut that whole thing down.”

    “I’m stuffed power went out was forced to eat 2 lbs of shrimp & caviar… Paul Ryan is re- doing the dishes for a photo-op,” 


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